A report on the discussions of the 1st International Forum of Tax Agency CIOs

Capgemini has a close relationship with a number of Tax Agencies. In our work with those Tax Agencies we began to see that despite being of various sizes, scales and levels of maturity they have many similar challenges. But what we also found was that these challenges are being tackled in isolation with little opportunity for CIOs and Tax Agency leaders to meet, share ideas and work collectively through potential solutions.

This International Forum, which was held on 8 and 9 June, 2006 at les Fontaines, Paris, was devised to provide an opportunity for CIOs to meet and have informal, open peer to peer discussions as well as for this critical community of Government professionals to meet, make links and create a network for ongoing discussions.

The publication explores the conversations that took place, conversations driven by the Tax Leaders who attended the Forum.