What’s Now San Francisco – 2017 Speaker Sessions

What’s Now: San Francisco is an event speaking series at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange. Each event will gather a diverse group of innovators for an evening of discussion and networking that highlights the most important innovations emerging in the San Francisco Bay Area right now.

SF – Reimagining the Digital Reform of Government in the Trump Era

SF – Improving Long-term Decision-Making in Tweet Time

SF – The World’s First Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming

SF – Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin with Brian Behlendorf

SF – Just for You: 3D-Printed Tissues & Other Biotech Wonders

SF – Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transportation

SF – Singularity or Multiplicity? Envisioning a Benign Robot Future

SF – Applied Neuroscience and Ramping Up Human Potential

SF – WTF? What’s the Future of Platforms and Silicon Valley?