Sustainable Business

Increased consumer support for energy independence and conservation is encouraging industry leaders to 'go green' and explore innovative technologies for renewable energy, carbon capture and smart grid deployment. We work with you to achieve your environmental objectives and transform your business.

The Island of Texel: Towards a Sustainable Future Success Story

Creating Sustainable Businesses

We've helped companies from a wide range of industries address evolving energy and emissions regulations:
  • Developing and expanding renewable energy business strategies
  • Assessing renewable energy options, from a technology and market perspective
  • Calculating and benchmarking carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Implementing performance-based carbon and energy reduction programs
  • Using information systems to track emissions
  • Integrating large-scale smart grid and metering systems
  • Adapting organizational design and change management to address emerging climate change regulations
  • Analyzing consumer attitudes and buying patterns to develop strategies that improve brand image
  • Conducting industry-leading research into renewable energy regulation and technology

Sustainable Business Offerings that Meet your Needs

Our sustainable business solutions are fully aligned with your core business objectives:
Compliance: Our specialized consultants support sustainable transformation, our technology experts enable accurate carbon reporting, and our outsourcing services provide cost-effective infrastructure management
Cost reduction: We provide cutting-edge sustainable information technology and can help you move toward virtualization and cloud computing
Corporate responsibility: Solutions including closed-loop supply chain and greenscan help you optimize your operations, while managed print and unified communications enable you to reduce costs and consumption
Our three phased approach to greenhouse gas emissions management helps you meet your environmental objectives:
Define: we calculate your carbon footprint by collecting data on your greenhouse gas-producing activities
Advise: we help you identify and seize reduction opportunities by building a business case, outlining your various options, setting reduction targets and sharing best practices
Implement: we work with you to integrate, monitor and report effective emission reduction activities

Strong Commitment to Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

We maintain a strong corporate commitment to sustainability and actively strives to minimize our own impact on the environment. Corporate responsibility and sustainability are integral to the way we've done business in the past, the way we do business today, and the way we will continue to operate in the future.
Since 2003, we've pursued a corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy, led by senior management in coordination with the Capgemini Group's General Secretary. In 2007, this strategy was added to the remit of the Ethics and Governance Committee of the Capgemini Board.
In 2004, we joined the UN Global Compact, where members support and respect 10 principles relating to human rights, the environment, labor rights and anti-corruption. In 2007, we joined the UN Global Compact’s 'Caring for Climate' initiative.
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