Akhilesh Soni

I am ace at confidently presenting a highly technical solution.

NAME: Akhilesh Soni

Job title: Associate Director

Area of the Business: CIS – Cybersecurity

Location: Melbourne, Australia


How do you feel in the morning getting up and going to work at Capgemini?

It really feels great to be part of Capgemini family. Every day, I get the chance to learn something new and express myself without any fear.


What do you love about being an Associate Director – CIS CyberSecurity?

As an Associate Director, I get the privilege to interact with senior client leadership, understand their views, and follow industry trends. It helps increase my professional network, enhance my technical skills, and further my overall professional growth.


How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills as an Associate Director – CIS CyberSecurity?

Capgemini provides me with ample opportunities to work on challenging client projects that help me master both technical and soft skills. It also provides the right learning platform, training, and certifications to upskill my knowledge.


How does Capgemini help support a sense of purpose in your career?

Capgemini provides an exponential learning curve, good work-life balance, and strong leadership direction and support that helps me shape my career in the right direction.


How does Capgemini give you the autonomy to make decisions?

At Capgemini, I am given adequate autonomy to make decisions and propose new solutions considering they are justified and helps support business growth.


What do you love about the way of working at Capgemini?

Capgemini provides me with an extremely focused, challenging, and flexible learning environment that helps me grow as a professional. Along with professional growth, I get the opportunity to spend ample time with my family and maintain a good work-life balance.


How does this all combine for you to have passion for what you do?

A steep learning curve underpinned with new technological know-how keeps the passion alive in me to move ahead stronger and bolder.


What was the most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?

 When I got a chance to share the stage with Capgemini India CEO – Ashwin Yardi, during a client presentation.



Akhilesh Soni

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