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Marketing work transformation

The modern marketing department demands modern solutions for managing teams, producing work, and creating and executing on strategy. Your success depends on your ability to foster creativity and accelerate productivity, so give your team an easy way to manage projects and collaborate on content. Capgemini and Workfront’s modern work-management platform can transform your marketing work:

  • Get real-time insights: Prevent bottlenecks and burnout by capturing real-time data on project timelines and resource utilization. You’ll always know who is doing what and how your team’s work will impact your company’s goals, and you’ll be able to give your leaders accurate data showing your team’s value.
  • Prioritize requests: When work is coming at you from all directions, things are bound to slip through the cracks. Use request queues to gather the information you need to accurately scope project timelines, assign the right resources, and set clear expectations for your team and leaders.
  • Increase collaboration: Meetings, emails, and instant messages slow your team down. Bring your work out of silos and into one solution where you can communicate freely across teams, turn feedback into action items, and deliver a final product that pleases everyone.
  • Streamline proofing: Printed proofs are often forgotten about, buried in a pile of paperwork, or mistakenly tossed in the trash, causing major bottlenecks. Digital proofing allows your team to iterate quickly; they’ll spend less time waiting and more time creating high-quality work.
  • Automate approvals: You spend too much time chasing down approvals. When your approvals are digital, you can automate the process and give your team an easy, fast way to maintain quality without sacrificing speed.
  • See everything in one place: Marketing work doesn’t have to be chaotic. Give your team members one place to find all the information they need to complete work and track progress, allowing them to move faster while reducing confusion and providing visibility to everyone in real time.

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Optimized enterprise IT stack with modern work management

Optimize your enterprise IT stack to fill the work-management gap and position IT as the irreplaceable digital transformation leader for your business. Capgemini and Workfront are partnering to enable IT with the right controls to improve workflows and efficiency across the company, demonstrating IT’s real impact on the bottom line. Your IT service-management tool was the first step but, to drive the digital shift your business is depending on, you need to incorporate modern work management and build an ecosystem that meets the needs of the whole enterprise.

Enhance your ITSM tool with a modern work-management platform that brings the same urgency, speed, and order to the unstructured work that comprises 90% of today’s enterprise work. Intelligently connecting your intake and incident solution with a platform built for collaboration and knowledge work gives you true cross-enterprise visibility into all work being done. Learn more about how IT can lead digital transformation with a connected, collaborative way of working that helps your business innovate, compete, win, and grow. Capgemini and Workfront can show you how to create an end-to-end modern work ecosystem that can:

  • See everything: Improve transparency into progress, resources, and priorities
  • Measure anything: Supporting deep-record and analytic-driven insights and reports
  • Is built for people: Enabling the intuitive functionality that digital natives love
  • Is safe and secure: Providing smart, seamless integrations with your core enterprise tools.

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Transform product-development work management

Capgemini and Workfront give new product development teams the capabilities they need to commit to product roadmaps with confidence. The modern work-management platform will help you deliver new products to market in an efficient and automated way. This increase in productivity also allows more time to focus on quality and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Capgemini and Workfront can empower your team to:

  • Easily prioritize projects: When your work is scattered across multiple tools – and, in some cases, sticky notes – it’s hard to know what to work on when. Use real-time information to scope projects, optimize resources, and prioritize high-impact work. Proving your team’s value has never been easier.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: Stop wasting time in status meetings trying to explain your processes. Easily generate reports based on project requirements and automatically route them to stakeholders. With real-time visibility into your work, expectations are clear and your team works more efficiently.
  • Streamline with automation: Instead of focusing on the work that matters, your team is stuck manually entering data and trying to keep everything up to date. Automating project workflows brings important information together, getting your team out of spreadsheets and back into the job they were hired to do.
  • Track success metrics: Don’t wait for the next status update meeting to see whether your team is on track to meet its deadlines. Build dashboards that automatically pull KPIs and give you real-time visibility into your team’s work, so you easily measure and demonstrate project impact.
  • Build credibility: Getting products to market on time isn’t just an arbitrary goal – your credibility is on the line. Using Workfront to track project status, timelines, and milestones in the context of work that’s being completed allows you to make adjustments before work gets derailed.
  • Exceed expectations: Launching products that meet your customer’s needs means you require more time to be strategic and innovative. Eliminating manual processes gives you more time to research customers and release products that people need, increasing your impact and your company’s success.

Modern work management for professional services

Capgemini and Workfront give professional services teams the capabilities they need to deliver services to clients on time, while improving margins, eliminating bottlenecks, and streamlining processes. You can’t outpace competitors or provide top-tier service with outdated tools and processes. Improve speed and efficiency by keeping your team connected with dependable, smart enterprise work management built just for them. You don’t have to choose between high-quality, value-adding results that make clients happy and efficient processes that keep margins healthy. The world-class services you’re delivering deserve a solution that’s designed for the way you do work. Capgemini and the Workfront modern work-management enterprise platform can enable you to:

  • Consolidate tools: Using multiple tools to track and manage work slows you down. Consolidating your processes and tools into a single solution reduces friction and gives you more time to collaborate and be strategic. Your clients will thank you, and so will your team.
  • Track ROI: When your work is scattered across different tools, you can’t get insight into how all the pieces contribute to your end goal. Build reports or dashboards to see which projects are at risk and make adjustments before work gets derailed, guaranteeing on time and on budget delivery.
  • Eliminate manual work: The time you spend searching for information and updating spreadsheets adds up. With standardized and automated processes, you can tie important information directly to projects, enabling productivity and creating a culture of accountability and consistency.
  • Balance assignments: Leverage your team’s talent by customizing processes to meet your needs. You can make assignments and adjust timelines on the fly based on your team’s availability, skill set, and schedule – increasing project velocity without risking burnout or project failure.
  • Exceed expectations: Use custom input forms to gather all project requirements so you can accurately scope projects and provide realistic timelines the first time. The increased transparency means your leaders will trust you and your clients will continue to choose you.
  • Deliver on time: Meetings, emails, and instant messages are supposed to improve efficiency, but all they really do is slow you down. Workfront allows your team to collaborate, act on feedback, and accelerate turnaround time – outpacing the competition and improving client relationships.

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