Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) connects, monitors and controls sophisticated manufacturing systems, and bridges physical production with the wider digital ecosystem.

Focusing on just efficiency isn’t enough to unlock forward thinking and intelligent capabilities such as AI, IIoT and AR/VR to make the factory smarter and overall more effective in a competitive digital age.

MOM as the central backbone for connecting, monitoring, and controlling sophisticated intelligent manufacturing systems enables businesses to evolve towards more intelligent manufacturing operations.

Harnessing data to become more intelligent in manufacturing is a journey.  Leaders must be pro-active about evolving towards becoming more data-driven and intelligent.  Despite initial pilots often confirming the potential benefits, most programs fail to scale due to complex connectivity, data silos and inflexible apps that can’t keep up.

MOM capabilities harness data and help you evolve beyond proof of concepts:

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Modernization of adjacent technologies helps create centralized visibility and control for disparate processes and streamlines data flows by connecting the shop floor to ERP, PLM, and beyond. Connecting the MES with adjacent infrastructure creates a digital thread that allows data to flow where it’s needed in a continuous loop throughout the lifecycle ensuring digital continuity.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence creates innovative applications that further drive efficiency, unlock value and drive intelligence using over 200+ smart use cases that span across production, maintenance, quality, supply chain and utilities.

“MOM increases agility and efficiency in and around the shopfloor while empowering workforces and breaking silos. Embrace a successful Industry 4.0 journey with a secured and progressive MOM implementation.”

Noël Bonnet, MOM Offer Lead

Ready to take the next step in your intelligent enterprise transformation journey?

Ready to…

  • Modernize your MES using a platform that centralizes visibility and leverages the power
    of data?
  • Create innovative use case applications that drive efficiency and unlock value?
  • Embark on a journey of manufacturing transformation so you can evolve to become an intelligent enterprise?

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out more:

Noël Bonnet

Offer Lead MOM


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