Mechanical and Physical Engineering

Take advantage of new age digital technologies and engineering concepts to build successful products in the face of changing product engineering and R&D mechanisms.

Capgemini’s smart Mechanical and Physical Engineering solutions help companies to integrate digital technologies in their engineering processes to build successful products in the face of changing product engineering and R&D mechanisms.

High-Performance End-to-End Engineering

Our mechanical and physical engineering solutions cover the entire engineering lifecycle, from concept design to prototyping and address all enabling technology and software requirements as well. With Capgemini, you can build a high-performance engineering team leveraging the integrated digital technologies.

Engineering and R&D implications for product companies

In today’s connected world and global competition, engineering intensive sectors need to compete on three factors as they strive to build successful products against constrained R&D budgets:

  1. Right to market: Build the right product with the engineered quality levels for the respective global markets and understand the cost to value requirements
  2. Speed to market: Get the product to market before the competition and respond to changing requirements in the process
  3. Cost to market: Optimizing the product development lifecycle costs by integrating engineering partners and focusing expertise on the right areas

Our Offerings

Product Engineering

  • Concept design and ideation
  • Detailed design and analysis
  • Systems specification and qualification
  • Reverse engineering
  • Simulation
  • Digitalization
  • Design support to manufacturing

Sustenance Engineering

  • Change management
  • Data and technology migration
  • CAD quality assessment and review
  • Troubleshooting / defect analysis

Engineering Software Services

  • Knowledge based engineering
  • Design automation
  • Application migration
  • CAx customization
  • Application rationalization
  • Application maintenance and support

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Simulation
  • Methods (work instruction, processes, NC programming)
  • Production monitoring and management (scheduling, supplying)

Plant Engineering

  • Layout
  • 3D routing and holders
  • Safety, health, environment
  • Testing
  • Commissioning and decommissioning

Plant Project Management

  • Sequencing
  • Project management
  • Detailed design supervision
  • Tender dossiers preparation
  • Contract governance Support
  • Commissioning

Our expertise in design

Design-led engineering is Capgemini’s key value proposition to help our clients build the right product that meets customer needs.

Our expertise in simulation

With the increasing product complexity, multi-disciplinary engineering and vastly varied user environments, simulation remains a great enabler to build the right product at contained costs.

Next-generation technologies and methodologies in engineering

  • Generative Design
  • User Experience
  • MBSE
  • Immersive Technologies
  • AI Methodologies
  • RPA

Open Cascade

Open CASCADE Technology is one of the most used 3D kernels around the globe. Our solution powers industry-specific 3D visualization requirements in engineering.

  • Advanced 3D in a web browser
  • 3D apps for Industry 4.0
  • Custom 3D software application
  • Open source core technology


Predictability in Delivery of Product Innovation

As one of the world’s leading engineering services provider, we know the importance of predictability in engineering and bring a continuous improvement mechanism to ensure first-time-right delivery. Our flexible engagement models are aligned with the customer’s global engineering strategy. Capgemini’s Rightshore® approach brings the advantage of our global presence for an optimal mix of onshore and offshore engineering talent.

To know more about how our design and simulation solutions provide the advantage of global engineering, contact our experts today.


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