IoT and Connected Products

Driving the product-as-a-service economy

Enabling digital transformation journey for connected products and services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most impactful mega trend today for products and services companies. Today we are at the cusp of large scale industrialization of Internet of Things initiatives that will achieve the business objectives.

The information technology is revolutionizing products into intelligent, connected devices. The products solely composed of mechanical and electrical parts, today have transformed into complex systems with the combination of sensors, microprocessors, software and connectivity in myriad ways. These new connected products are reshaping the industry boundaries and ushering in a new era of competition.

IoT and connected products will drive the next generation of technology and productivity growth for companies, their customers and the global economy. Every business will need to evaluate the product-as-a-service model to leverage the landscape of IoT and connected products.

Leading the convergence of Physical and Digital worlds with Our IoT services & solutions

Our strong partnerships with leading IoT platform providers, end-to-end product engineering expertise, investments in technology assets, co-innovation and experience across domains come together to provide end-to-end services to build connected products, digital platforms and solutions enabling servitization.

Our IoT solutions:

Smart Product & System Development

  • Development of edge devices, edge connectivity and computing solutions
  • End to end development & enhancement of products and systems including mechanical, electrical, firmware and connectivity solutions

Software Product Engineering

  • End to end software assessment and development services
  • Embedded software and firmware
  • Software products, applications and systems
  • IoT platform services
  • Enterprise software
  • System integration services with other enterprise and IoT systems
  • Software solutions for engineering analytics and data visualization
  • Product and systems cybersecurity

Smart Support Services

  • Support and sustaining services for products and systems including remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • IP based support services
  • Engineering analytics services
  • Business operations services for smart connected products

IoT Alliances


Capgemini in collaboration with PTC launched the Center of Excellence (CoE) for IoT at our Mumbai AIE.


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