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Digital transformation has revolutionized companies across all industries, and cloud is responsible for the flexibility and agility that are hallmarks of today’s most innovative companies. Born-in-the-cloud application development enables companies to go to market in weeks rather than months, scale quickly, and make updates rapidly with minimal risk to the business. And its benefits are no longer just for a small set of disruptors or start-ups – cloud-native development is an imperative for any organization seeking to remain relevant today.

Wherever you are in terms of your cloud maturity, Capgemini Replatforming-in-a-Box using the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform makes it easy to take advantage of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and begin your journey to cloud-native with minimal upfront costs.

The power of cloud-native

  • Save time: 25% to 70% reduction in platform support
  • Improve quality: Less than 1% production code with defects
  • Business continuity: Zero downtime and a serverless provisioning model
  • Self-healing: Average failure recovery of two to 10 minutes
  • Time to market: 25 to 50x improvement in release velocity
  • Compatibility: No cloud-provider lock-in
  • Flexibility: Increased configurations and infrastructure as code
  • TCO optimization: Optimize legacy apps to get more out of existing investments of cloud native

Accelerate your cloud-native journey

Unlike legacy modernization largely driven by rewrite, replace, and wholesale refactoring, Capgemini’s Replatforming-in-a-Box helps you reap the cost optimization and agility of PaaS in as little as four to eight weeks. Harnessing the power of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit, as well as Capgemini’s experience from thousands of engagements, Replatforming-in-a-Box enables the rapid containerization, refactoring, provisioning, deployment, and testing of existing custom applications and includes a service catalogue and self-service capabilities. And with Red Hat OpenShift’s open-source architecture, software works seamlessly across any public, private, or hybrid clouds, preventing vendor lock-in and ensuring no disruption will occur when moving from one environment to another.

Realize your digital potential

Engaging with Capgemini means working with one of the largest teams of professionally certified digital and cloud experts and native developers. We have helped organizations around the world embrace their digital potential with cloud-native application transformation. Capgemini is also a Red Hat Apex partner, one of a small number of companies to achieve Red Hat’s highest tier of partnership in North America. The combination of Red Hat’s open-source solutions and the rich knowledge and experience of Capgemini’s industry and technology teams ensures you have the tools you need to take advantage of the full power of digital.

See what’s possible when you make the shift to cloud native.

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Meet Our Experts

Ashok Bajaj

Expert in Customer Experience, Knowledge Solutions, Services architect and Services solutions

Charlie Li

I work with enterprise clients across North America on all stages of cloud adoption and transformation, from forming a strategy and roadmap, to migrating applications, cloud-native development and public cloud managed services.

Kaushik De

I am responsible for the go to market initiatives in the Cloud space and also working closely with alliance partners to provide clients the best solutions for Cloud offerings in North America.

Shaw Drummond

I partner with our clients in the HTEC sector (High Tech, Entertainment & Media, Communications) to provide transformative cloud solutions.


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