Testing Capabilities

Capgemini Government Solutions has the technical expertise and wide range of capabilities to provide exceptional testing services to your Agency.

Section 508 Accessibility Testing

Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) recognizes that accessibility has become a critical focus area for organizations to improve the user experience on any device, optimize communications, satisfy compliance requirements, and create an inclusive workplace environment. Organizations are finding better ways to integrate accessibility across the entire enterprise – from the design, development, and testing of applications, to any content that is published on websites.

In both our commercial and public sector work, CGS incorporates accessibility testing and follows the standards that have been established to address accessibility needs in section 508 of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and in Web Contact Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). For our public sector work, CGS ensures our testers are DHS Trusted Tester certified and follow these processes.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that can perform the actions of employees, using the systems they use today, without altering those systems. RPA makes the most significant impact on manual work processes that are repetitive and recurring, and often have high human error rates. A single “robot” can be configured to perform a variety of processes enabling multi-use robots, and variability as business needs change.

Key capabilities RPA can automate include:

  • UI data entry, rule based update and validation
  • Data import, export and reformatting across multiple systems
  • File creation and manipulation
  • Queue processing
  • System integration via system UI or APIs
  • Screen scraping

Benefits from utilizing RPA include:

  • Increased Quality
  • Increased Speed
  • Cost Reductions
  • Adaptability
  • Scalability
  • Consistence Performance

This is in addition to employees having more time to spend on value-added work to support your departments’ mission. CGS was recently ranked by HFS Research as one of the leading RPA service providers, and we partner with all the leading RPA vendors, including UiPath.

Interoperability/Continuity Testing

Interoperability Testing has two main goals: Determine if software applications will experience any issues with the organization’s images and identify if the introduction/update of an application will cause problems for existing applications on the same machine. Ensuring that interoperability testing is automated reduces time in running tests and provides more holistic testing coverage. It also provides more time for testers to focus on other tests now that these interoperability tests do not require manual intervention. We leverage our Automation Framework to run automated interoperability tests.

 Automation Framework

CGS recognizes that Testing is critical element in an Agile DevSecOps CI/CD environment, enabling a faster cadence and greater volume of releases without compromising the quality of the deliverables. Emphasis on automation is prevalent throughout CGS Global testing practice and has been the driver for our managed testing services, which handle large scale testing initiatives (both pre and post release). We recognize that it is important to choose the right tools and framework for Automation testing to increase the speed of CI/CD process and reduce cost.

 Performance Testing

Performance testing is another key consideration in a DevSecOps and Agile development environment. It’s very important that the applications meet the business requirements and pass performance standards prior to release.

 Public Facing Applications

CGS also supports public facing application testing, using a mix of browsers with cross-platform architecture. When an application is introducing a new or updated auxiliary technology or hardware peripheral, the application must go through interoperability testing to prove the new technology is compatible with other applications running on the user’s desktop.

 Mobile Automation

Since many applications are available on mobile apps, automating mobile testing saves time and funding that would require manual testing. CGS Developed two Mobile automation frameworks, both of which are capable to automate dynamic, Native & mobile web App on Smart Phone/Devices/Simulators.


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