Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

We offer Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of public sector mission critical programs and systems to help agencies meet requirements and deliver quality results.

Capgemini implements some of the largest, most complex IT solutions and business transformations in the world. So we intimately understand the challenges of developing and deploying these programs.  We apply this experience – along with our IV&V methodology – to support government agencies in meeting their mission and objectives by becoming trusted advisors to:

  • Mitigate program risk
  • Reduce time and cost over runs
  • Increase solution quality

Capgemini’s IV&V Methodology: Collaboration & Visibility

Capgemini’s IV&V focus is risk management that supports forward momentum and an eye on quality output for programs.  The overall goal of risk mitigation manifests itself into “full life-cycle” IV&V services that provide a comprehensive quality view at and during each phase of the program through up-front assessments of all major contract deliverables and program-executed processes.  These include functional, technical, and programmatic assessments to cover all aspects of a program – because all are vital to be successful.  We empower our clients with early insight into process deficiencies and system defects so managers can make timely and informed decisions.

For example, Capgemini assesses whether user requirements are met (verification), evaluates whether the product or system is built to required specifications, and that it meets stakeholder needs (validation). Our approach is collaborative and flexible to consistently add value to programs, ultimately becoming a trusted advisor to leadership. We find this approach fosters better working relationships with the Government and other program contractors enabling increased visibility into program activities allowing more in-depth assessment of program risks and overall program health.

  • Improved and accelerated program performance
  • Reduced IT expenditures and program cost
  • Mitigated risks / shortened issue resolution
  • Delivered in-scope system features and functionality
  • Increased positive experience of stakeholders and customers
  • Clearly defined and trackable performance measures

Capgemini’s IV&V Translates into Programmatic Effectiveness

We work directly with project teams to evaluate as soon as possible the quality level of a particular deliverable or process. Health Check Dashboards are provided regularly to program leadership for key findings and recommendations (generated by our assessments) to improve performance and detail areas of concern that need attention to stay on track.

Setup & Analysis

  • Up-front planning of what will be reviewed with agreed criteria sets expectations early
  • Government engagement throughout process to confirm desired work and quality
  • Check points along the way to keep communication open and objective
  • Trackable corrective action plans to close the feedback loop

Programmatic Benefits & Risk Reduction

  • Increased quality with more time focused on content with IV&V quality assurance
  • Less re-work and time savings with errors/improvements found earlier in the cycle
  • Reduces overall cost and schedule delays by uncovering issues and risks early
  • Promotes a quality project culture with consistent practices and standards
  • Reduced emotional dialog when evaluation is independent and follows agreed criteria
  • Communication increases among teams
  • Informs program resources for better, quicker decision-making

Keeping Major IT Investments on Budget

The Government is challenged to replace legacy business processes and technologies, and develop new, highly-complex, yet highly-adoptable systems. This must occur while under pressure to reduce IT spending and do more with less. IT investments require governance through rigorous and sound project management principles, and industry best practices. Capgemini’s IV&V provides programs the high-touch, knowledgeable support necessary to consistently achieve successful outcomes.

Agencies need a knowledgeable and skilled IV&V provider to help keep programs on budget, in scope, and on track.  With Capgemini’s technical and solution experience, along with programmatic oversight, we provide detailed insight into how programs are performing against baselines in near-real time to keep the most relevant issues up-front and stay ahead of risks that can set work down the wrong path.

Federal Government, State & Local Government: Measuring Success

Government agencies need to know whether their programs and systems are meeting their objectives – not at the end of a program, but while it is getting built.

As part of Capgemini’s IV&V, performance measurement on how the program is executing as well as how it is poised to fulfill its objectives is integral to our full life-cycle service. A key component to this is verifying not only an effective measurement plan, but one with reasonable and pragmatic means for documenting metrics that are tied to program objectives. A collaborative IV&V approach helps the program team define and implement entry/exit criteria for each lifecycle phase, stage gates and critical milestones beyond deployment to position the program to move  forward successfully in alignment with agency goals and objectives. To do this, Governments at all levels rely on Capgemini IV&V to provide objective risk management services, quality assurance, technical evaluations, system testing services, and training assessments, through to deployment monitoring.


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