Increasing Delivery Quality and Ensuring Positive Customer Experiences

A Large Cabinet-level Civilian Department – A Major Citizen Outreach Program

Our testing work is centered on a major, multi-faceted citizen outreach program that provides benefits to a substantial number of citizens. A program of this scale necessitates a robust, stable, optimized application to facilitate programs and benefits support, which can have a complex array of components, technicalities and requirements. This department is working towards the application not only being reliable and stable, but an exceptional user experience both for the employees and eventually for citizens participating in these programs.

To provide the necessary quality assurance services for a far-reaching, intricate system, our testing work must represent the expectations of the end-user along with meeting the needs of the department stakeholders. Our team works with the stakeholders to ensure we understand and include every facet of the requirements and identify risks so we can create thorough and comprehensive step-by-step scenarios which consider an array of possibilities, combinations, and end-results of processes within the technology. Our testing work not only considers logical “happy paths” but also the unforeseen pathways and subsequent results which can arise from a complex system.

Working in an Agile delivery framework, we review our scope of testing with Product Owners to ensure we have included every necessary element of their requirements. After the features and functions are deployed in each respective environment, we execute tests, highlighting expected vs. actual results, including observations that reside both within the context of the test but also outside of it. We especially focus on potential problems or elements that negatively impact the total user experience. We document any observations or failed steps of test cases. After we confirm the observation is a defect, it is assigned to be resolved and we then re-test to independently confirm resolution for the product owner.

The quality impact our work provides to the program is palpable; with a very strict time constrained program, user experience and product quality can suffer as a result. Elements of a minimally viable product can disregard user experience at times and we work to ensure the system fulfills both the business requirements and the user experience element. Overall, it has led to increased quality in the software, reduced program and field risks, and better business and IT communication.


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