Experience with DHS

Capgemini has been serving DHS since 2005. Each of our DHS projects has been deployed on schedule and within budget.

DHS Office of Policy

DHS Office of Policy – Office of Immigration and Border Security and Secure Border Coordinating Council Consulting Support

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Conducted independent audit of various metrics and reports
  • Assisted in delivery of congressional reports comprised of cross-component enforcement and border security metrics
  • Conducted legislative and GAO analyses
  • Assisted in development of policy papers in support of immigration and border security
  • Conducted strategic planning document analysis and discovery in preparation for inter-departmental planning activities

 DHS Reengineering of Removal Process and Border Security Program Support

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Congressional Reporting: Compiled a bi-monthly congressional report that outlined the state of border security efforts across ICE, CBP, the US Coast Guard, US Citizenship and Immigrations Services, DHS Office of Policy, and DHS front office
  • Border Security Metrics Reports: Compiled and delivered a series of detailed metrics reports for key Federal stakeholders. In close collaboration with ICE, the team collected, analyzed, and produced the metrics for weekly distribution
  • Ad-hoc Reporting:Coordinated and responded to ad hoc border security information requests from internal and external stakeholders. The team conducted the analysis of information and coordinated as needed across DHS components.
  • Legislative and GAO Analysis: Analyzed pending legislation that could have impacted DHS border security efforts. The team also reviewed GAO reports, recommendations, and pending actions to support border security leadership requests.

CBP -Secure Border Initiative Strategic Program Support

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Provided strategic planning and performance measurement support for Executive Director
  • Delivered strategic plan and implementation recommendations
  • Delivered human capital strategy and implementation recommendations
  • Provided data analysis and congressional reporting support

CIS  – OCIO IV&V Support

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Assisted in the evaluation of a requirements management tool (RMT)
  • Generation of ITLM/SELC required artifacts
  • Developed Concept of Operations
  • Developed Requirements Management Standards and Practices document based on best practices
  • Provided training to CIS

ICE ERO – Internal Controls and Audit Remediation

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Delivered a current state analysis of ERO’s financial management system and proposed a series of initiatives to make ERO’s Mission Support Unit audit compliant.
  • Develop customized financial standard operating procedures (SOP)

ICE ERO – Requirements Validation

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Developed functional requirements for the three BST&T workstreams
    • Central Reservation System for the management of bed space in facilities housing detainees
    • Detainee Location Tracking for the tracking of detainees within detention facilities and during transport
    • Transportation Management System for the management of transportation assets and the transport of detainees
  • Developed process flows relating to each of the three BST&T workstreams

ICE ERO – Emergency Planning and COOP Validation

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Consolidated all of ERO’s emergency management plans into a single approach for managing all-hazards incidents. ERO can now respond to any incident with a standard, repeatable approach to crisis management.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive Continuity of Operations program for ERO Headquarters. ERO can continue its critical national security missions with minimal interruption.
  • Designed and executed a staff assistance visit program that successfully brought Headquarters’ level COOP expertise and training to ERO’s 24 Field Offices
  • Deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to assist with the execution of ERO’s response to the 2010 Haitian Earthquake and to provide on-site planning expertise for a potential mass migration event

ICE – eTraveler Requirements Validation

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Delivered all details of each business process tasks and subtasks
  • Confirmed the correctness and completeness of functional requirements to meet business needs
  • Enabled the validation of business processes
  • Documented all essential System Interactions for each user

ICE ERO – Transportation Efficiency Review

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Completed national fleet assessment for ICE/ERO. This effort included on-site assessments within all 24 AORs in order to identify and analyze mission-specific factors related to transportation demand, vehicle configuration, allocation and utilization
  • Capgemini was tasked with the development of a Vehicle Allocation methodology (VAM), a decision support tool to be used in fleet sizing and equipment determination processes at the AOR and program-level

NPPD – Process Improvement

Description of the products (deliverables) provided:

  • Conducted audit and exercises; monitored, tracked, and documented lessons learned and status of corrective action plans
  • Supported planning and coordinating of assignments and resources, procedure development, and performance management related to goals and requirements
  • Collected and evaluated performance data, identified lessons learned, supported development of guidelines, best practices and standards, and assisted in the development of briefings and presentations
  • General Accountability Office (GAO)/Office of Inspector General (OIG) Liaison support including coordinating and facilitating external audit engagements and responding to external auditor requests
  • Identified and defined requirements for enhancement to existing reports and development of new reports

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