Contain COVID-19 with Capgemini Smart Quarantine and Contact Tracing solutions

Capgemini Government Command Center

Governments looking to move from Lockdown to Smart Quarantine face obstacles due to a deluge of data and siloed apps from multiple providers offering contact tracing, self-diagnostics, testing, health or policy support. Live in several EU countries, Capgemini’s ground-breaking Command Center addresses all of these challenges and includes the ability to integrate third party data and applications into a single source of actionable data.

Using a data-driven, science-infused approach, the Capgemini Contact Tracing and Smart Quarantine solutions allows governments, communities, and businesses to collaborate and drive mobilization efforts at scale. The modular design securely and privately enables citizens, healthcare workers and governments to fight the pandemic – together.

Built on a trusted data foundation, the Smart Quarantine solution allows for cooperation between government and citizens to better save lives and reduce the economic impact of the pandemic. Each of the engagement models can be used independently or together, with the goal of delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

The solution can:

  • Empower citizens to collaborate with authorities
  • Quickly identify at-risk individuals and areas
  • Minimize risks and allow for controlled access to work
  • Mitigate a second wave with vigilant monitoring

The solution has the ability to integrate third-party data and applications into a single source of actionable data. HIPAA ready and designed with GDPR regulations in mind means citizen data privacy is the first consideration.

Providing the right data to decision-makers means better policies can be enacted and authorities can track adherence and positive behaviors. It is time to move from acute response to strategic management.

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