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Federal IT market perspective

Agencies are transforming to adapt and succeed in today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital world. IT plays a critical role in this environment by helping to deliver breakthrough citizen experiences, enabling always-on innovation cycles, and responding with unprecedented agility to marketplace changes.

But to enable digital business, you need to transform your approach to the apps that are at the core of operations. Only then can you respond quickly to citizen needs and deliver at the speed of ideation.

Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) is helping agencies to quickly develop, customize, and re-engineer cutting-edge software and providing end-to-end seamless integration of application development from BUILD to RUN and INNOVATION.

Application Development Capability overview

Our Application Development Capability Team is a group of individuals specializing in building applications and integrations using multiple technologies. This group is also focused on exploring new and upcoming technology trends. At a high level, we focus on application modernization, architecture, technology, and integration transformation.

This app dev capability provides services that can help agencies:

  • innovate
  • improve performance
  • increase efficiency
  • cut costs
  • and reduce technical debt.

Application modernization

Modernizing means transforming existing software, taking an agile approach to development across people, processes, and technology, and embracing cloud-native development, including microservices and containerization, hybrid cloud integration, and agile and DevOps methodologies. It also means rethinking your approach to application services to transform it into a powerful driver of innovation.

App modernization ensures you can execute quickly, respond, and adapt to continuously evolving conditions, and pivot your agencies mission to growth and success.


By having the right architectural framework and relying on architecture best practices, a new version of applications can be built that are rearchitected and custom designed to align better with the mission requirements. Applications can transform from legacy monoliths to micro-services-based architectures.

Technology and integration

Technology transformation includes mobile applications, UI/UX transformation, cloud-native development, containerization, and building progressive web apps.

Leveraging an API-led approach for integration transformation can help agencies unlock the potential of their data. Each API can be treated as a product that is available for consumption and reuse across the agency. This approach can also enable data exchange between agencies as well as encourage citizen developers to build innovative applications that consume these APIs. Replacing traditional point-to-point integrations with API-led integration has now become a necessity for success.

Mobile applications

A high consumer demand for mobility has made it important to efficiently utilize mobile technologies and trends. Mobile has become the primary experience for many users and Capgemini Government Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for mobile application development to meet this requirement.

CGS delivers various components of the mobile experience such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more while utilizing technologies such as mobile app security and cloud-based mobile applications. Mobile services and technologies are delivered through a phased and collaborative development approach which implements agile methodologies.


Most industries and organizations are shifting to more agile ways of working. DevOps uses agile best practices to speed up the development process while maintaining efficiency and quality.

DevOps provides a wide variety of tools which improve productivity, compliance, and cost efficiency within industries and organizations. This results in the acceleration of application implementation, high-quality code, improved operational efficiency, and more.

Digital-citizen experience capabilities

CGS empowers federal agencies to deliver world-class digital transformations while reducing costs in the wake of budgetary constraints without compromising the citizen experience. We do this by defining a strategy, discovering citizen priorities, analyzing user research, creating innovative designs, and continuously testing along the way.

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Application Development capability services and technologies

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