Winning in the digital age: API-led architectures enable continuous transformation with SAP S/4HANA

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In this whitepaper, learn about how API-led architecture can enable continuous transformation with SAP S/4HANA.

Yesterday’s best practices and efficiencies are becoming today’s constraints; organisations, both business and IT, that cannot adapt to this new reality are at an ever-increasing risk of failure.  A range of new technologies must be implemented, reimplemented, migrated or upgraded as part of a strategic program. This clearly has the potential to increase complexity in a way we have never seen before. IT needs to support the change and cannot be seen—as is so often the case—as the limiting factor.

Looking at the SAP footprints in existence today, many are large and complex, having grown organically over the last twenty years or so. These solutions are often heavily bespoke and may not reflect how the business is, or needs to be, run today.

SAP’s S/4HANA aims to address many of those issues. S/4HANA contains the best practice standards for many common business processes; adopting those allows effort to focus on building the real ‘difference makers’ for an oragnization. With the advanced technical platform that underpins it, an ERP can finally start to move at the pace a digital business needs.

This migration will not be easy, and the business needs to continue to deliver value while the transformation occurs. An API-led architecture acts as both fabric to link disparate components together, and an insulator, allowing different portions of the landscape to move at different speeds so that value can constantly be delivered along the journey. This fundamentally leaves us with four main considerations:

  • How does one accelerate the business in the face of a legacy IT landscape built up over many years?
  • How does one continually deliver value throughout a complex delivery journey?
  • How does one minimise day-to-day impacts to the business while this is all happening?
  • How does one arrive at a platform that is optimised to cope with continuous change?

This paper explores how these questions can be addressed from a technology perspective where success is underpinned by a combination of SAP S/4HANA to support the speed of modern business, and an API-led architecture to provide the ‘digital fabric’ the landscape will need as it continues to evolve.

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