The future of IT is as-a-service

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Ownership is dead. All aspects of IT are becoming a service like electricity

The speed and complexity of business is accelerating. Companies need more agility and flexibility to respond. Tom Gallagher, VP, Cloud Infrastructure Services, explains how companies are realizing the benefits of viewing IT like electricity – they plug in and it just works. It means they can make decisions more quickly and in real-time.

Explaining IT-as-a-Service

The consumption-based IT model is the future. Companies don’t need to invest in technology infrastructure and own assets anymore. Being free from the asset environment allows more responsiveness and flexibility.

The new IT infrastructure

It is time to move away from spreadsheets and workbooks. Activating data from multiple sources can speed up decision-making and optimize operations, and means companies can be more responsive to customers and the market.

Moving at the speed of technology

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