The digital CIO’s handbook for tech executives

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The landscape across industries is always changing. A cruise or hotel conglomerate reimagines its end-to-end guest experience with a digital delivery model that’s boosting engagement and loyalty. A cable company gets a million new customers with a contract-free strategy that includes dynamic promotions and a new billing platform. A media company or streaming platform leverages a strong digital-first approach to improve the customer experience, increase loyalty, reduce costs, and positively impact revenue.

This is what a nimble, agile digital business looks like. Digital disruption is altering business models and operations, leaving industry leaders and niche players with the challenge of adapting to remain competitive.

In Capgemini’s e-book, The digital CIO’s handbook: Harnessing the power of cloud and application technologies to make digital business a reality, you’ll tap into the drivers of a successful digital agenda.

You’ll learn how to leverage the power of cloud and application technologies to:

  • Make infrastructure invisible
  • Deliver apps at the pace of innovation
  • Embrace Monday’s idea as Friday’s reality.

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