Stop being afraid of your data

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Data will bring you closer to your customer. Embrace the opportunity

The challenge of managing data is not new. Companies have faced this problem for years. Mike Price, Vice President, SAP, Insights & Data at Capgemini discusses how the issue for business now is the amount of data and the chaos it is in. The data needs to be driven into the business to be useful, and companies need a platform that can bring order to the chaos.

Facing the challenge of legacy data

Everyone can benefit from data. But it does not mean everyone needs to see all the data. Break down business functions into nodes and deliver the data individuals need. Over time, expect each node to become more savvy and innovate based on the numbers.

Determining the data your business needs

Companies need to change the way they think about data. It is an opportunity to get insights and get closer to your customer. But you cannot do it without the right platform. It is time to decide whether you want to play offense or defense with your data.

Data activating platforms and ecosystems to drive change



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