Solving the end-of-lifecycle puzzle

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Do not let your legacy systems be an anchor to growth

It is challenging to manage a growing and evolving install base, keep budgets and teams focused on new products, and oversee end-of-life services. A proactive approach is required to build an optimally structured, efficient, and disciplined engineering and support organization.

It is easy to understand why companies avoid upgrading to new versions of products. The issue is not one laptop, server, storage array, or even data center but, rather, an intricate custom mesh of enterprise-wide products and systems.

But not upgrading often comes with feature lockouts and security concerns, and legacy should not impede innovation.

end of life POV-previewCapgemini’s Product Sustaining platform allows you to build and enhance a path to version currency while optimizing the support and service of legacy products. Outsourcing product-lifecycle management has the potential to save between 20 and 45 percent in product support costs per year.

Read how to take a proactive approach to maintaining your in-market products that keeps up with the speed of business in Is this the end of service life? Solve the cycle.

End of Life Point of View

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