Drive revenue and customer loyalty with servitization

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Using subscription order management to transform customer service and deliver a superior experience

Companies are increasingly adopting subscription order-management strategies due to the proven success of subscription-based services. Industry leaders are rethinking their approach to service – not just to manage or recover from a disruption, but also for thriving in a normal and competitive economy.

Initially deployed to allow customers to rent rather than purchase software, storage, and other capabilities, the servitization business model has since expanded to cover a variety of goods and services across all business sectors. One area in which this creates great impact is customer service, which has traditionally been more of a cost center. With servitization, it can be made into a center for revenue.

A company can offer service levels with corresponding tiered pricing, enabling customers to select the exact level of service they require or can afford. This gives consumers control over the service experience and attends to their needs with precision. And by exploring new opportunities to provide value-added offerings, the enterprise creates additional avenues for consistent revenue and growth, while delivering the high standard of experience demanded by its customers and earning greater loyalty in return.

Capgemini understands that a subscription order-management strategy is vital for transforming customer service. The rise of the subscription-service economy has made the servitization model a valuable tool for generating growth. But it is not just about renting out services and technology to willing customers – but also how they are implemented and managed, and how the client relationship is maintained. This makes platforms like Equipment-as-a-Service an operational asset for many companies.

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