Navigating Disruption: Performance

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Companies are facing multiple challenges: a collapse of their current business models, ongoing support and engagement of customers and employees, and overwhelmed business technology tools and systems.

In this webcast, our experts will address questions such as:

  • Right now, Performance is how do I keep the basics of my business going? How do I assess key areas that are hindering performance and where to focus?
  • What can I do in the short-term to mitigate disruption and optimize costs? Where do I begin?
  • How can I move transformation ahead while focusing on cutting costs?
  • How do you visualize your architecture now? How do you identify areas of opportunity and KPIs?
  • What are the biggest challenges clients face in keeping AI transformation projects moving forward?
  • How have you been able to help companies overcome funding challenges? Specifically, how have you helped them achieve payback from their investments?
  • I need to make some pivots right now to be successful in the long-term. How do I begin the process of reinventing my business?
  • Firms have different maturity curves in their AI transformation journey. What are some lessons learned from your client conversations?
  • Do you have specific use cases that move the needle on progress?
  • Can you provide examples of companies who are using these optimization and command center approaches?

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