Navigating Disruption in Supply Chain

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Watch our on-demand webinar: Navigating supply-chain disruption

Companies are facing multiple challenges: a collapse of current business models, the ongoing support and engagement of customers and employees, and overwhelmed business technology tools and systems. In our newest webinar, our experts address how you and your organization can navigate the disruption occurring in your supply chain.

In this webcast, our experts discuss:

  • The top ways the supply-chain office can help those worried about the physical supply chain
  • The surprising ways the supply chain plays a role in various functions, beyond shipping, distribution, and procurement
  • What disruptions happened in supply chain and how did they affect how we address these systems now?
  • What vulnerabilities were exposed in Q1 of 2020?
  • How can businesses prepare for the unexpected?
  • How can organizations decrease their reaction time to disruptions?
  • What sort of business investments, other than a written plan, can be made?
  • What kind of companies have the flexibility to react quickly to disruptions?
  • Can companies use these disruptions to improve and make long-term changes? If so, how?

 Watch the webinar on-demand now:

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