Increasing sales and revenue in the digital economy

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A guided-selling model for B2B companies to succeed with today’s buyers

Companies must rethink their strategies to sell effectively in this changing landscape. Today’s B2B buyers have grown up in the digital space and demand quick, efficient, and simple solutions. And with many now working from home, sellers need a tailored approach to provide a buyer experience that leads to recurring sales.

Buyers often prefer to interact through digital channels, disrupting the traditional B2B model of using sales representatives to pitch products and services. Organizations aiming at sales enhancement should focus on leveraging technology in the digital domain to scale one-to-one experiences and meet modern customer requirements.

Download the PoV to learn more about the new model for guided selling and how the framework provides a faster and more dynamic cycle, boosting sales and revenue while amplifying the buyer experience and leading to increased brand loyalty.

Many enterprises, however, still operate on legacy infrastructure. A company must first assess its maturity to determine the right implementation approach. But whether the enterprise is at the start or well underway in its digital-transformation journey, it can embrace a guided-selling model to explore a superior approach in the digital space.

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