Hands on the wheel. What electric vehicle charging technologies are coming our way

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With lack of infrastructure and range anxiety cited as some of the main barriers to EV adoption, charging solutions are urgently needed – presenting an opportunity for investments in deployment and operations.

There is no question that we are facing a worldwide explosion in the number of electric vehicles (EVs). But, infrastructure is still problematic.

According to BNEF, the global fleet of EVs reached 5 million last year, supported by 632,000 public charging outlets around the world. Under a scenario where EVs will hit 30 percent market share by 2030, the International Energy Agency forecasts that as many as 30 million public chargers would be needed to serve regular passenger vehicles – a number 50 times in excess of today’s.

Therefore, to cater for this demand, millions of new charging points would be needed at homes, workplaces and public areas. This new context brings up a series of questions for discussion: How to leverage the fact that EV refueling does not necessarily require the same set-up as an internal combustion engine (ICE)? Which solutions need to be developed and implemented to facilitate EV adoption and usage in the cities? What can future-proof charging look like?

Autonomous charging is a breakthrough technology that emerges in this context, aiming to provide a seamless way to charge and enable a more convenient driver experience. To win the race, it is crucial to understand the opportunity and challenges presented by it along the entire value chain.

In our Capgemini Invent point of view, we have illustrated new EV charging market perspectives. Because charging infrastructure is a crucial asset that links mobility and power networks, investing in these technologies is strategic for all players (OEMs, utilities, construction companies, mobility operators etc.).

By thinking ahead, new possibilities arise to capitalise on an industry that is set to grow and diversify in the coming years. Download the paper.

Autonomous Charging PoV

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