Data-science possibilities expanding with the growth of technology

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Artificial intelligence is not a new concept, but it lacked the computing power to make it happen. Now technology has caught up, and that opens new realms of possibilities

Dan Simion remembers discussing artificial intelligence when he was at university. The mathematics behind the concept were always there but needed the technology to catch up. Now, as the Vice President, NA Data Science and Analytics Practice, he sees AI opportunities expanding. Now that the computing power has caught up, it is time to leverage the mathematical concepts behind AI.

Traditionally, companies grew by adding people, but AI and machine learning are opening the door to non-linear growth possibilities. Now companies can get real-time insights and outcomes so they can be more productive. AI and ML are the building blocks to moving at a faster pace and growing exponentially.

Even with the potential of data science, many companies are dragging their feet on proofs of concept. Just developing models is not enough. To move to the next level, companies need to look at how data science fits with their technology and provide clean and trusted data to drive the algorithms and get the business to buy-in. Without that, companies will never move to AI at scale.

Learn more about Capgemini’s data science capabilities and how we can help you transform your business for the future. It is time to reimagine your business.


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