Data science can make every company a disruptor

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Harnessing information to create value and a competitive advantage means data science needs to take a leading role

Dan Simion, Vice President, NA Data Science and Analytics Practice, was working with data science before it became the next big trend. Every company is trying to find a competitive advantage in their data and to define what data science means to them. For Simion, it is the intersection of mathematics, technology, and business knowledge, and it allows companies to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

New technologies seem to be driven by Silicon Valley-based tech companies, but as businesses are beginning to understand the power of their data, more traditional sectors are moving to add AI and machine learning.

Companies have access to real-time data but are struggling to uncover the value in it. Modern machine-learning systems have the ability to host the data – both structured and unstructured – and turn it into real business insights that provide a competitive advantage and turn a company into a truly data-driven organization.

Data has the potential to make every company a disruptor, but businesses need to embrace internal change. Tapping into the power of AI and machine learning will fundamentally change the way you operate. You may gain a competitive advantage, but you need to make sure your organization is ready for the change.

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