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Data Makes Us Human

The future of retail is closer than you think. From automated stores and supercharged fulfillment to virtual shopping and real-time shelf evaluation, data and digital technology are reshaping every aspect of retail operations and driving human connections through personalized, relevant, and timely interactions.

Capgemini continually develops cutting-edge retail solutions in conjunction with our ecosystem of partners to expand and enhance our retail portfolio. Here we present the collection of demos showcased by Capgemini and our partners at NRF 2022 and explore what the future of retail may hold – for retailers, shoppers, and the industry at large.


With thousands of SKUs across hundreds of shelves spread across an entire store, it can be challenging for employees to keep items neatly displayed, fully stocked, and planogram compliant.

Vispera Shelfsight is a new tool that leverages computer vision and deep learning technology in collaboration with Intel to analyze retail shelves for out-of-stock detection, planogram compliance, pricing tag compliance, and empty space detection in real time with near perfect accuracy.

With Shelfsight, employees receive instant notifications for issues like restocking or reorganizing. The tool also produces real-time shelf inspection data and historical trend analysis to help drive strategic decision making.

Augmented Reality: THE POWER OF AR IN RETAIL

See how far your brand can advance its “phygital” shopping experience with computer vision and augmented reality. This solution enables retailers to:

  • Help customers choose the products that meet their needs, based on their chosen attributes
  • Maintain control over product information
  • Promote and reward customers with special discounts or cross-sell offers
  • Enable customers to identify the product with a mobile device to acquire additional product details such as composition, quality, and customer reviews


What happens when a VIP customer can’t get to the store? You bring the store to them.

Capgemini Virtual Store is a solution for luxury brands that offers VIP customers a personalized digital shopping experience. The solution leverages Matterport technology to rapidly virtualize a store, enable live video, and personalize the experience based on customer analytics, purchase history, and web analytics.

With Capgemini’s virtual store, customers can enjoy a curated shopping experience and live support from a dedicated brand ambassador – any time, any place.


Safety is paramount to the modern shopper. With blue eye, a new joint solution from Capgemini powered by Intel technology, retailers can guarantee a safe shopping experience and working environment by maintaining social distancing, ensuring protective equipment is worn, and anticipating and addressing traffic flows.

This solution, which features an embedded camera and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms developed within an Intel framework dedicated to deep learning, can help organizations:

  • Maintain social distancing inside stores, warehouses, or stock rooms
  • Check and alert if someone is not using required personal protective equipment, such as gloves or a mask
  • Anticipate and identify bottlenecks in crowd traffic flows and configure optimum circulation models
  • Use facial recognition software to evaluate client expressions and produce personalized services

What’s next? Embracing the future of retail with Capgemini

To learn more about the depth and breadth of our retail portfolio and how your organization can leverage these exciting solutions, as well as data and digital technology, to improve operations and create a stronger customer experience, please reach out to Revathy Rajendran ( or Zouhir Oumedjkane ( to schedule a personalized consultation and live virtual demo today.

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