The current carbon-intensive model of growth is not sustainable

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Companies need to find a new clean way forward

If you live on the planet, you know the climate is changing. According to research, 97% or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends are “extremely likely” caused by humans.

More environmentally conscious consumers are driving a shift by actively seeking products and services that help fulfill their aspirations – from the way they heat their homes, to how they travel, to the clothes they wear, to what they choose to eat, or not eat.

However, consumers are fickle. A Harvard Business Review study found 65% of consumers expressed a preference for purpose-driven brands, but only 26% actually ended up buying them.

Moving to a more sustainable business model is challenging and the changes need to be big. An incremental shift will not deliver enough positive environmental impact to actually make a difference.

In Clean growth: Inventing the sustainable business models, products, and services of the future, Capgemini Invent offers five solutions to bridge the gap between purpose and genuinely cleaner business models. Learn how to make the transition.

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