Broadcasters need to embrace artificial intelligence

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Activating data will make television advertising more compelling and relevant

Research shows that 70% of US households have at least one subscription to a streaming service. In fact, the average American subscriber watches three or four services. The competition is intensifying as traditional broadcasters try to pull viewers from new digital entrants. 

The competitive advantage they need may lie in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Mark Kirby, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Perform AI, offers broadcasters options to harness the power of AI and machine learning to attract more viewers. 

 AI can do a better job of determining what content people want to watch, optimize advertising spends through better targeting, maximize revenue with rea-time pricing, and more. Activating data and technology will provide the opportunity to fight back against new digital players. 

Learn how AI and machine learning can provide a competitive edge for your business. 

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