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Develop and maintain applications more efficiently to keep pace and drive growth

Agility is vital in a constantly changing market. The standard approach to application maintenance and development, however, which involves dedicating individuals or teams to a single aspect of projects, often creates silos across development, quality assurance, and testing. This inefficiency holds companies back from achieving the speed and growth required to lead.

The boundaries between business and IT are increasingly blurring, as more companies adopt greater use of innovative technologies and move away from legacy systems. But traditional ways of working are still common. The solution to the silos that inevitably occur is a framework that allocates end-to-end responsibility over aspects to teams, with a blend of cross-skilled people to streamline application maintenance and development over the team’s assigned features.

The POD-as-a-Service model ensures that everyone shares this responsibility. It brings trained people together with diversity in expertise to leverage processes and technologies and deliver with speed. With this framework, a product director, scrum master, range of developers, and more experts unite to develop and maintain applications with a purpose – efficient performance for business growth.

Capgemini sees the POD-as-a-Service model as a tool for disruption. The traditional product-oriented development model might deliver an application in three months. With a POD framework, the same can be achieved in as little as three weeks. This agility alone can help an enterprise thrive in an industry where every bit of advantage is crucial. Capgemini believes the POD model will drive the future of application maintenance and development, and that the contenders that embrace it now will be the major players in tomorrow’s market.

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