Aerospace & Defense

Solving data management in aerospace

A major aerospace company is turning a hurdle into an asset

Public Sector

Open Data Maturity Report 2021

Our annual in-depth research on the level of open data maturity across Europe shows that...

Data Makes Us Human

Here we present the collection of demos showcased by Capgemini and our partners at NRF 2022...


Get ready for the next evolution of automotive retail in the US

The rise of the agency model creates frictionless digital experiences as consumers move to...


Prepare for changes to the SEC Climate Disclosure Policy

Sweeping new rules further integrate climate-related metrics into financial performance

Olivier Roussat

A French citizen, Mr. Olivier Roussat is Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues SA.

Maria Ferraro

A Canadian citizen, Ms. Maria Ferraro is Chief Financial Officer of Siemens Energy AG and...

Awash in ESG data? Learn how to find the insights

A strong data foundation incorporating structured and unstructured data leads to stronger ESG...

Consent management: Customers take control

Consent management is an increasingly vital capability for effective data marketing,...

Insights and Data

Cloud Migration & GDPR: Cross-border Data Transfers and Schrems II impact

Up to July 2020, the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement helped regulate the GDPR compliance of...

A new era of connectivity with 5G

What new opportunities is 5G creating and how much further will it take us in the coming...

Biography: Pierre Goulaieff

Mr. Pierre Goulaieff initially trained as an electronic engineer (ISEN), leading him first to...

Insights and Data

A Leader and a Star Performer in the Everest Group PEAK MATRIX® Assessment

Everest Group names Capgemini a ‘leader’ and a ‘star performer’ in its Artificial...

Equipping financial services for the ESG era

To stay relevant, financial services companies must move from treating ESG as a cost of doing...

Is your hybrid work model working?

Hybrid working is here to stay. What impact will this have on the future of work and how can...

Data Center Transformation with Microsoft Azure

Drive your cloud journey with data center transformation with Microsoft Azure: a...

Product and Engineering Services

Digital Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Capgemini ranked #1 in Digital Product Engineering Services in Everest Group PEAK Matrix®...

Life Sciences

Capgemini named a Leader by Information Services Group (ISG)

Capgemini is delighted to be in the Leaders’ space in the three major quadrants – Clinical...

Next stop for dynamic pricing: P&C insurance carriers

Insurers can now harness the power of massive quantities of customer data and cloud-scale...

Digital Transformation

What role will you play in the EV charging revolution?

Capgemini brings state of the art and end to end offerings for cloud-based charging...

Enabling AIOps with ServiceNow

Accelerating Digital Transformation with AIOps on ServiceNow

Enter a new reality with immersive experiences

Is the world ready for truly immersive customer experiences? Find out in our podcast.

Top Trends in Insurance 2022 eBook

Top Trends shaping the Insurance industry in 2022 and beyond

Top Trends in Banking 2022 eBook

Top Trends shaping the Banking industry in 2022 and beyond

HR CloudWatch 2021/2022

The need to provide employees and managers a digitized HR experience, has accelerated more...

Business Agility

To succeed, it is not enough just to do agile – you have to be agile.

890 by Capgemini for Insurance

Unlock the infinite possibilities of your data with a comprehensive AI and analytics...

Behavioral science: A new business paradigm

It’s time for a different design pattern that moves beyond experience to behaviors. Find out...

Payment System Modernization for Innovation at Speed and Scale

Rising demand for real-time, accessible, and digital-first payments experience that integrate...

Aerospace & Defense

DevSecOps is ready for Aerospace and Defense

Solve the traditional application-development conflict and become more agile

Where next on the eGovernment journey?

Who are the leaders and who are the laggards in the delivery of inclusive, convenient, and...



For organizations looking for a digital future, the question is no longer whether agile...

Join the dots for Manufacturing success with Azure

Manufacturing organizations know they need to adapt to a changing world. The real question...


One-to-One Customer Engagement for Telecoms

To win the hearts and minds of today’s customers, Telecom organizations need to go beyond the...


AI in Cybersecurity: Not an Ethical Dilemma

Building trust in the digital era requires the speed and intelligence of AI.

Enabling the citizen developer

Taking your business – and people – to new heights with Low code/no code and ADMnext

Stay Ahead of The Curve with an Industry Data Cloud Strategy

Is an industry data cloud part of your data strategy? How to stay ahead of the curve with an...


Is your mainframe your new Y2K project?

Obsolete systems present multiple risks and hinder growth


Gain new customers and revenue streams with product-led growth

This sales model prioritizes the product experience to create recurring revenue and lifetime...

cloud infrastructure services

ISG Provider Lens™ and Capgemini on Art of the Possible: Data Center Freedom

ISG’s Jan Erik Aase and Capgemini’s Ryan Murphy, VP, Cloud Center of Excellence leader,...

Cloud Migration

Cloud Transformation: Brochure

Executing Cloud Transformation – You know why. Its time to focus on how

application modernization

Application Migration Handbook

Key consideration to successful Cloud Transformation


Cloud Transformation: The keys to success

Accelerate your digital transformation by moving to cloud, and add performance and agility to...


Capgemini and GSMA Report “The sustainable Telco”

Today, telcos are focussing on improving network energy efficiency and instigating a broader...

Consumer Products & Retail

Deliver the convenience and value grocery consumers expect today

Solutions for navigating change and creating a superior shopping experience

AI for Health Digital Book 2021

Data and AI are at the heart of organizations’ priorities.

What to expect from edge and 5G in 2022?

To answer this question, Azhar Sayeed from our partner Red Hat interviewed our own Shamik...

Waste not, want not. It’s the circular economy

How can you ensure a circular economy model is good for your business as well as the planet?...

Top Trends in Commercial Banking: 2022

This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the commercial banking sector as they...

Top Trends in Healthcare: 2022

The report provides an overview of the top trends in healthcare shaped by technology...

Top Trends in Property and Casualty Insurance: 2022

Capgemini’s 2022 overview synthesizes the top P&C insurance trends shaped by carriers’...

Life Sciences

Point of view: Transforming Connected Health

How Life Sciences organizations can drive digital maturity to build a profitable, strategic...

Service Integration

Now Platform – Standardization and Remodelling

Capgemini helps enterprises to optimize Service Now with Now Platform


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