Digital Supply Chain

Mitigating supply-chain shocks requires a sprint and a marathon

A more resilient, intelligent supply chain provides agility and flexibility to manage...


Connected Vehicle Trend Radar

The drive to add value: lessons from China.

Digital Supply Chain

The value of a resilient supply chain

Survive disruptions and drive customer connections


Webinar: Capgemini and mPrest discuss Grid Modernization

Listen to executives from Capgemini and mPrest discuss topics, like, how companies are...

Customer Experience

Personalized content at scale

Bring your content to life with an integrated CX model


Capgemini digital ecosystem assessment

Uncover deep, actionable insights for your digital channels

Open Insurance Transformation

Maximize the new ecosystem reality and bring innovative products and services to market...

Digital health

Keep your employees safe with Pega

Ensure the wellbeing of your workforce while mitigating business risks

Healthcare needs to take loyalty lessons from retailers

Consumer health attitudes have changed forever. It is time to embrace loyalty in a meaningful...

capgemini invent

Choose your character: A guide to getting gamers

Learn how to approach and unlock gamers through Capgemini Invent’s unique gamer personas

Digital Manufacturing

Solving the end-of-lifecycle puzzle

Do not let your legacy systems be an anchor to growth


Group Environmental Sustainability Report 2019/20

Our 2019/20 Group Environmental Sustainability Report highlights our progress in reducing our...

digital workforce

Accelerate transformation and build resiliency with Staffing Direct

Staffing Direct solutions deliver the agility and flexibility for a changing market

Digital Supply Chain

Cognitive Control Towers

How consumer-products organizations can improve stability and resiliency through dynamic...

World Wealth Report 2020 Video

View video on World Wealth Report 2020 key findings and see how hyper-personalized offerings...

World Wealth Report 2020 Infographic

Get an overview of World Wealth Report 2020 findings with our quick-read infographic.


EUC Fireside Chat: New Ways of Working

A cross-sector discussion that explores how Energy and Utilities organizations can enable a...

Data, Cities and Citizens

Digital technology, data and artificial intelligence are transforming society at a rate never...

Customer Experience

Subscription models provide a competitive advantage

Time to move away from the sell-and-forget license mindset

World Wealth Report 2020

This edition of the report explores how hyper-personalized offerings and operating model...

Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Resilience

Scale business-continuity mindset for flexible data modelling and visualization

Intelligent Automation

Webinar: Expanding RPA through intelligent automation

Intelligent automation starts with a solid foundation that includes a mature RPA platform,...


SAP S/4HANA has the power to transform media and entertainment

A strong Digital Core provides the agility to drive real business transformation

Re-invent the Customer Experience with 5G

How Telco Operators and industry players can leverage new network capabilities to enable new...

Digital Supply Chain

Navigating Disruption in Supply Chain

Watch our on-demand webinar: Navigating supply-chain disruption

Consumer Products & Retail

Personalize retail with AI and robotics for spot-on recommendations

Capgemini premiered DEXTR, our Smart Digital Store AI innovation, at NRF 2019. Using HP and...

Open Insurance Transformation

Capgemini’s Open Insurance Transformation is helping insurers to scale up on their digital...

Customer Communication Management for Financial Services

Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems have traditionally been purpose built for...

Customer Experience

Industrialize and launch content at scale

Bring your brand to life with an integrated CX model

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Smart Retail Planner: Customer-driven supply chain

Introducing the new rules of retail

Life Sciences

Improving the medical call-center experience

Deliver consistent, approved information to medical inquiries

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Brochure: Trusted Logistics

Leverage IoT for real-time visibility into shipments

EU-MDR Implications and way forward

Learn about Capgemini’s framework for a successful transition to MDR taking a structured...

Business Services (global)

Return to Work Helpdesk

Critical communication management and back-to-business planning to help you reopen and stay...

Business Services (global)

Supply Chain Relief

Optimize inventory flow, maximize revenue, and reduce working capital under COVID-19

Business Services (global)

Fast-track Intelligent Process Automation

Build a digitally augmented workforce at scale through leveraging intelligent automation...

Business Services (global)

Augmented Finance Services

Drive improved outcomes across cash flow, working capital, year-end reporting, and auditing...

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Brochure: Retail Connect

Accelerate the pace of API-led modernization

World Retail Banking Report 2020

The World Retail Banking Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores how retail banks are...

World Retail Banking Report 2020 Video

View video on World Retail Banking Report 2020 key findings and see how banks can win with a...

World Retail Banking Report 2020 Infographic

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2020 findings with our quick-read...

Digital Transformation

Intelligent Allocation – navigate through supply and demand fluctuations

Find out how to build a responsive supply chain that can allocate intelligently and adjust in...

Digital Transformation

Smart Shopping Experience with Voice-enabled Digital Assistant

Find out more in the demo on how you can be sure: “Is it in stock? And can you deliver?” With...

Digital Transformation

Capgemini Renewable Insights – the future of data and analytics with SAP

Find out how you can make sense of data and act upon it innovatively with Capgemini’s...

Customer Experience

Tailoring sales to the needs of the buyer with CPQ

Learn more from one of our experts in a personal demo session on how you can quickly and...


Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive

Find out more about how the Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive app leverages the...

The Future of Insurance Customer Acquisition

Insurance customers are increasingly using digital channels for researching and purchasing...

Fairness Constrained Optimized Models

The global experiments with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have mixed outcomes....

Small Loan Forgiveness Program (SBA)

Under the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic security (CARES) Act, the US government has...

amazon web services

Brochure: Digital Worker Management with AWS

Ensure worker safety and productivity with Digital Worker Management

cloud services

Brochure: Capgemini Core Integration Framework

Accelerate your API-led modernization journey by 20 to 25% with Capgemini’s Core Integration...

cloud services

Brochure: Food Delivery-in-a-Box

Accelerate time-to-delivery with Capgemini’s digital Food Delivery-in-a-Box

Distribution & Transportation

More agility in transportation will better manage disruptions

Creating a connected, networked experience enables a smoother flow of goods

Data-driven COVID-19 Operations Response for Banks

Technology-led businesses always prove to succeed in changing times. Today, when we are...

amazon web services

Brochure: Trusted Logistics with AWS

Take control with Capgemini’s Trusted Logistics

Real-time portfolio management on Google Cloud

The time is now to enhance the product portfolio with the advent of spatial analytics. With...

Bringing New Energy to Old Investments

There’s no doubt that mainframe modernization is complex. At Capgemini, we see businesses...

Core Modernization for Building Future Banking Experiences

Capgemini teams up with Everest Group® to explore the key imperatives and challenges in core...


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