Client Stories

Artificial Intelligence

In IT, left brain creativity can teach the right brain some valuable lessons

There needs to be a fundamental shift in mindset to unlock creative thinking and drive real...

Artificial Intelligence

Market leaders activate their data to compete and become truly data-driven

New threats, evolving client expectations, and new technologies are driving a new wave of...


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development

Will there be enough charging points to support electric vehicle rollout in the next decades,...

What is Digital Power?

Digital technology is at the heart of economic, military and cultural issues.


Smart globalization

Critical considerations for European eCommerce expansion

Customer Experience

The building blocks of unified commerce

Deliver consistent, excellent experiences.

Customer Experience

8 questions to ask before migrating to a new commerce platform

When optimizing digital commerce ecosystems, the devil is in the details

WEMO 2019: Key Findings

Five key findings on climate change, energy transition, industry transformation, sector...

Business Technology Performance Index 2019/2020

The main objective of the BTPI is to understand the current thinking of market-leading...

World Retail Banking Report 2019 Infographic

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2019 findings with our quick-read infographic....

World Retail Banking Report 2019 Video

View video on World Retail Banking Report 2019 key findings and see how banks can evolve into...

World Quality Report 2019-20: North America

Testing and QA developments in North America are far advanced – and the region’s...

Digital Direct Solution for Insurance

Grow revenue streams by digitally engaging small and micro businesses


Demystifying Cybersecurity

How can enterprises prioritize, plan and act to enhance their cyber defense strategy?

World Retail Banking Report 2019

The World Retail Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores how banking customers’ changing...

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Capgemini DCX Lookbook: A curated collection of award-winning experiences

Delivering winning solutions across a wide range of industries requires a team, process, and...

eGovernment Benchmark 2019

Empowering Europeans through trusted digital public services


Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ for DevOps Service Providers 2019

Capgemini’s reputation as a world-leading provider of applications services has been...


Technomics Episode 4: Cybersecurity

As we move into a world of near-zero infrastructure model with the rapid adoption of Cloud,...

World InsurTech Report 2019 Infographic

Get an overview of World InsurTech Report 2019 findings with our quick-read infographic.

World InsurTech Report 2019 Video

View video on World InsurTech Report 2019 key findings and see how established insurers and...

World InsurTech Report 2019

The World InsurTech Report (WITR) 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores the Insurance...

Consumer Products & Retail

Emerging AI trends in Retail Operations

While most retailers are focusing their AI efforts on sales and marketing, there is a...


Trends in Mobility

The automotive industry is seeing a slow but gradual shift from ownership to rentals. How...

cloud services

Welcome to the subscription age

The age of ownership is ending, and subscription services have arrived at scale....

Customer Experience

Achieving growth in the age of disruption

Businesses need to be faster and more responsive. It is time to do business differently.


Strengthening supply chain with a blockchain Digital Thread

As supply chains grow more complex, blockchain delivers increased efficiency and cost...

Digital Transformation

Delivering Progressive Web Applications

Over 40% of transactions in 2018 were completed on mobile devices, and this number is only...


Trends in urban mobility

For the younger generation, a car equals a long-term commitment, one that many are hesitant...

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based...

Inventive Insurer

Evolving customer expectations, new types of risks, emerging technologies, and...

Consumer Products & Retail

The Smart Digital Store Smart Store Guide

Have you ever had to rush out for a quick trip to the store and end up spending way more time...


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