cloud services

Brochure: Mainframe modernization

Revamp your landscape for greater business agility

Balance by Design

Among this time of disruption and discontinuity, ‘Balance by design’ aims to help...

We Collaborate

It’s time to tap into the phenomenal power of the collaborative Technology Business, even as...

You Experience

The user experience is at the heart of intimacy between an enterprise and its audience,...

Thriving on Data

Every Enterprise should now be a Data-powered Enterprise.

Applications Unleashed

The applications portfolio of a thriving Technology Business is lightweight, easy to connect...

Invisible Infostructure

The infrastructure part of the IT landscape is a crucial foundation for any organization with...

Process on the Fly

Thriving on Data , breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous...

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

New ideas can create value and achieve scale

Overcome the number one barrier to commercial growth

AI & Analytics

Utilities need to reimagine workforce management

Data will provide the foundation to create a new work experience and boost business agility

Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook

Dynamic and snackable, Capgemini Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook explores and analyzes the...

Driving sustainability through mobility

Tune in to our podcast for an inside look at the car sharing industry, from the leaders of...

Decoding the vaccine supply chain

In January 2020, a COVID-19 vaccine didn’t exist. Yet, in an astonishing feat, vaccinations...

Top Trends in Banking 2021 eBook

Dynamic and snackable, Capgemini Top Trends in Banking 2021 eBook explores and analyzes the...

Can we innovate our way out of recession?

What is innovation – the next ‘big thing’ or steady evolution? Should you ramp up innovation...

Digital Transformation

Big firms have a structural problem with innovation…or do they?

Larger firms have expanded their innovation sourcing portfolios: continuing to take advantage...

Business Technology Performance Index 2020/2021

The main objective of the BTPI is to understand the current thinking of market-leading...

TechnoVision Change Making 2021

How will you leverage technology to face challenges and create opportunities, in a year, like...


Progressive Modernization with MuleSoft

Explore our combined capabilities on API strategy, design & build accelerators allowing...


Taking the lead with sustainable transportation

The challenges and opportunities currently faced by commercial vehicle OEMs are significant...

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Fireside Chat

What role will renewables play in the oil and gas industry?

red hat

Wearable IoT device and workplace depiction

How IoT and mobility can enable the safe return to work and ongoing productivity


Employees are craving to be engaged

Failing to engage employees in the current window of innovation is a fundamental mistake

2020 Holiday Shopping Consumer Survey

Holiday spending slows but shoppers are eager to return to previous shopping trends

End of the office or return to the office?

Normal has been disrupted. But what ‘is’ the new normal? Join us for this podcast as we...

Digital procurement research: 2020-2021

The procurement function is ever evolving. The shift continues from a department responsible...

The Sustainability Impact of Car Sharing

Value created for cities, property developers, companies and consumers.

Mapping the journey to Net-Zero

Net-Zero. Two words being spoken with increasing frequency. But what does Net-Zero mean in...

Top Trends in Property and Casualty Insurance: 2021

This study provides an overview of the top trends in the property and casualty insurance...

Infographic: Top Trends in Life Insurance 2021

This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the life insurance sector shaped by...

Top Trends in Life Insurance: 2021

This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the life insurance sector shaped by...


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