Digital technologies score a better fan experience

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant

Fans today have got game. Sixty-nine percent of fans say they use technologies to improve their viewing experience both at a game and outside the stadium. From smart wearables to a player-perspective video feed capturing a game-changing moment, fans want to feel they are part of the action no matter what sport they are watching.

The opportunity to engage fans is significant. Revenue from sporting events is expected to be more than $488.5 billion worldwide in 2018 and will grow 5.9% by 2022. Teams can benefit from converting casual fans to devoted followers.

Technologies like artificial intelligence, biometrics, and augmented and virtual reality are bringing fans closer to the playing field so they can choose how they want to engage. Read how teams can develop a more devoted and valuable fan following in Emerging tech in sports: Reimaging the player and fan experience.

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Technology is driving sports consumption

  • 56% of fans who liked their tech experience said they would attend more matches in-person as a result
  • Teams enjoyed a 25-point NPS difference between fans who have experienced emerging technologies and those who have not
  • 92% increased their spend on online subscriptions for watching matches

Technology is improving athletic performance

  • Virtual-reality tools are helping players improve their training
  • Data analytics tracks performance and helps make strategic decisions for teams
  • Technology is preventing and managing player injuries to improve safety and treatment options

Fans want their data protected

  • 65% of sports fans expressed some discomfort with the collection and storage of personal data
  • 46% of fans are not willing to share personally identifiable data in return for a tailored experience specific to their preferences
  • One in two fans said they are not comfortable using biometrics to gain entry to a stadium


Fans stating they who use emerging technologies such as AI or biometrics to enhance their overall viewing experience


Share of fans below the age of 35 who visit stadiums often


Number of fans who have watched an esport

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