Balancing the excitement of AI with the need for ethics

Companies must build transparency and accountability into AI strategies to keep customer trust

Artificial intelligence has the ability to bring positive impacts to every industry. From chatbots to machine learning, AI is a powerful digital technology, but it also has the potential for misuse. Building the right foundation into AI initiatives is key to creating a positive AI environment.

According to the Capgemini Research Institute report Ethics in AI, only four percent of companies have already enforced guidelines or codes of conduct on ethical AI practices, and one third of organizations have not even started developing these kinds of guidelines.

It only takes one incident to lose the trust of your customers. Building an effective long-term AI strategy is critical. Learn how the leading companies are getting ethics in AI right and how you can build a framework for success.

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Prepare, Design and Deploy Ethical AI


  • Target: CXOs, ethics and business leaders
  • Develop a robust and well-informed code of conduct
  • Establish clear roles, structures, and measures of accountability for ethical issues
  • Prepare the organization internally for deployment of ethical AI

Design and develop

  • Target: Data science, AI and IT teams
  • Create transparent and explainable systems supported by a diverse and inter-disciplinary team
  • Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias
  • Create the right data cycle


  • Target: Customer and employee-facing teams such as HR and marketing
  • Educate users about potential risks and empower people to understand how their data is being used
  • Communicate the deployment of new AI systems
  • Build trust by proactive communication of AI principles with customers


organizations have experienced AI misuse


executives believe their organizations employ ethical AI systems


consumers experienced some form of misuse of AI

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