Artificial intelligence strengthening cybersecurity initiatives

As the rate of attacks increases exponentially, companies are turning to the power of AI to supplement traditional cybersecurity methods.

Cybersecurity is a major issue for every company. Cisco, for example, reported it blocked seven trillion threats in 2018 on behalf of customers. The numbers are staggering, and more companies are turning to AI to support their cybersecurity efforts.

According to the Capgemini Research Institute report Using artificial intelligence to bolster cybersecurity, more than half of the companies surveyed said their cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed, and almost a quarter said they are unable to successfully investigate all identified incidents.

AI offers considerable cybersecurity benefits. Learn how to create a roadmap to build artificial intelligence into your cybersecurity plans and accelerate implementation.

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Build a roadmap to implement AI in cybersecurity

Find high-potential use cases

  • Focus on use cases that offer early benefits
  • Short-list five high-potential use cases
  • Choose cases where data is complete and recent

Teach skills and collaborate

  • Upskill employees to support cybersecurity experts
  • Share threat intelligence through crowdsourcing
  • Use information on recent threats to improve AI logic

Build governance

  • Create a standard response to threats
  • Create control processes to monitor AI
  • Institute a Plan B if AI algorithms fail


Organizations that experienced a cybersecurity breach in 2018


AI reduces the time taken to remediate a breach or implement patches in response to an attack

$12 m

Amount PetSmart saved in one year by using AI in fraud detection

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