Manufacturing operations needs to embrace AI

Most manufacturers are only implementing a handful of artificial-intelligence use cases and missing the opportunity to benefit across their operations.

Manufacturing operations add trillions of dollars to the world economy. Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) projects at scale has the potential to save billions across manufacturing industries and transform production. But the opportunity is not being seized, as research shows manufacturers are concentrating efforts on only a few use cases.

According to the Capgemini Research Institute Artificial intelligence in manufacturing operations report, maintenance and quality are leading the AI transformation in operations. Almost one in three (32%) AI implementations are being completed in maintenance and quality is a close second, with one in four (26%).
AI in manufacturing operations will transform production. Learn how you can scale AI to take advantage of the opportunity.

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Manufacturing operations needs to embrace AI



How to scale AI in manufacturing operations

Start small and generate quick wins

  • Select easy-to-implement, high-benefit use cases
  • Clarify the magnitude of achievable benefits
  • Ensure data is available to fuel use cases

Leadership, process, and governance

  • Identify leadership to support and drive implementation
  • Create a governance structure
  • Generate awareness to foster collaboration

Invest in data systems and a talent foundation

  • Create a data governance framework
  • Build a data-management system for scaling AI
  • Develop a talent pool and invest in more AI and data skills


Savings per ship per year for Caterpillar Marine Division after machine learning analyzed data on how often hulls should be cleaned for maximum efficiency


Reduction in lost sales by Danone after using machine learning to predict demand variability and planning


Product uniformity improvement by Bridgestone using machine learning to measure quality

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