Blue Prism

Connected RPA has arrived

Blue Prism delivers intelligent automation for a more human enterprise.

Most companies spend their IT budgets maintaining and updating processes and systems, rather than focusing on new initiatives. Yet, as disruption hits every industry, it is new ideas and processes that keep a company ahead of its competitors.

Blue Prism offers the only Robotics Process Automation (RPA) system that is business-led to break the cycle of dependency on IT resources. Blue Prism gives digital-savvy employees the power to create and innovate through automation in an IT-endorsed, controlled environment. It delivers drag-and-drop automation, artificial intelligence, and cognitive technology with no coding needed.

The Blue Prism Digital Workforce Platform keeps working even if the system interface changes. Once the processes are built, they do not have to be re-built and the VBOs are stored in a library that can be accessed by approved users. Increased accessibility means automation happens faster.

Capgemini works with Blue Prism to connect our customer’s talent pool to one of the industry’s largest partner ecosystem and the Blue Prism Digital Exchange app store to speed innovation cycles.

Blue Prism saved 220,000 hours a year for one customer by automating the reconciliation of shipping documentation and using AI and machine learning to identify potential compliance risks.

Blue Prism moved legacy data to a new hospital EHR system in one weekend, versus the standard 600 days, and with 100 percent accuracy.

Work with Capgemini and Blue Prism to provide the power of automation at your fingertips. Give your makers the ability to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business, freeing your people to create, build, and share their innovations.

Learn more about the power of Blue Prism and Capgemini.


Mark Peterson,
Blue Prism Alliance Manager,


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