Employee Resource Groups

Capgemini North America endorses 11 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Our ERGs are voluntary, employee-led centers of excellence for development, retention, engagement, recruiting and knowledge sharing. Collectively, they bring different perspectives with a focus on fostering diversity and inclusion across North America. Each ERG has a dynamic leadership team who work to make positive impacts for its members and Capgemini as a whole.

AABPT-ERG AABPT is our African American and Black people ERG focused on bringing inclusion and equity to the forefront
of Capgemini through professional development opportunities, empowering leaders, and sharing awareness of culture for the advancement of diverse talent.Contact: aabpt.nar@capgemini.com
To enhance, support and advance Capgemini’s community engagement and environmental sustainability while enabling employees to pursue the areas of corporate social responsibility that are important to them.

Contact: caresergcommunications.nar@capgemini.com

create-erg-logo To grow an engaged community around cultural and professional topics related to Asia, enhance Capgemini’s leadership profile by supporting the development of diverse top talent, and ultimately leverage diversity as an asset to support business growth in a global marketplace.

Contact: create.nar@capgemini.com

To create a collaborative business experience by promoting balanced representation of global cultures at Capgemini through facilitating equitable experiences for all, inspiring a heritage of intellectual curiosity, sensitivity and understanding, and building a cohort of leaders with global perspective and cross-cultural thoughtfulness.

Contact: gold.nar@capgemini.com

To promote a mutually beneficial integration of strengths that exist between the Hispanic/Latino and Non-Hispanic/Latino members of Capgemini

Contact: hola.nar@capgemini.com

To share information and resources to help harmonize the different dimensions of life by:

  • Raising awareness on new and innovative resources to support an improved lifestyle;
  • Providing forums for employees and leaders to share their concerns, knowledge and experiences on wellness related matters; and
  • Organizing community events that encourage and support employees in leading integrated and productive lives.

Contact: life.erg.nar@capgemini.com

To strengthen and develop employee networks, provide guidance related to the attainment of career and personal aspirations, and foster a culture of coaching and sense of inclusion.

Contact: mentorprogram.nar@capgemini.com 

To focus on driving innovation within and outside of Capgemini. We are a sandbox for employees across generations to push the envelope, develop new ideas, and challenge status quo.  We strive to inspire individuals within our community to innovate, create, and lead

Contact: mic.nar@capgemini.com

To provide a forum for education and awareness supporting the professional growth of LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies) individuals by fostering a safe environment within Capgemini North America for individuals to be authentic in the workplace.

Contact: outfront.nar@capgemini.com

To assist Veterans in building successful careers at Capgemini and support the families of Veterans by raising awareness, providing resources, and valuing Veterans’ skills, contributions, and experience.

Contact: vergcommunications.nar@capgemini.com

Women LEAD ERG To cultivate and sustain a culture where women can thrive at Capgemini.  We provide growth, balance, and leadership opportunities through excellence, action, and development by empowering women and men to work together to bridge the gender gap.

Contact: womenlead.nar@capgemini.com


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