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Charging up sustainability: How the automotive industry needs to step up its sustainability efforts

Carbon emissions are rising, and so is scrutiny of auto-industry environmental practices

Transportation accounted for a quarter of the world’s global carbon-dioxide emissions in 2016, following a rise in 2015 led by growing sales of SUVs. This has brought increased scrutiny from the public and regulators, which are imposing more stringent and comprehensive measures to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles.

The automotive industry is responding to those concerns, but more can be done. For the latest report from the Capgemini Research Institute – Charging up sustainability: How the automotive industry needs to step up its sustainability efforts – we surveyed 500 large automotive organizations and 300 experts working in the field of sustainability.

We found that one answer to this growing problem is a business-model change. New practices based on the principle of the circular economy will drastically reduce waste and improve efficiency. Adopting sustainability as a holistic goal will therefore benefit the planet, consumers, and OEM bottom lines.

Learn how automotive frontrunners are combatting climate change, and what their peers can do to catch up.

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