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Artificial intelligence challenging ethical boundaries

Leaders tackling ethics and transparency in AI as the possibilities expand

Every wave of technology innovation raises its own set of ethical questions. From unintended and harmful consequences for users to concerns about technologies being weaponized, the pace of technological advancement is moving faster than regulatory and ethical frameworks.

In Conversations: Towards ethical AI, the Capgemini Research Institute interviews leading CxOs, start-ups and academics to garner their critical insights into the challenges of ethics and AI. AI offers a huge opportunity for businesses and the economy but important issues must be addressed to ensure the technology is used properly.

Read what leaders from insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, and life sciences are saying, as well as perspectives from academic experts from Harvard, Oxford, and MIT.

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Moving towards ethical AI means:

  • AI algorithms need to be transparent and understandable
  • The ethics of AI need to be a shared responsibility
  • A need to balance legislation with self-regulation to avoid stifling innovation
  • Team diversity is an important tool to tackle bias in AI.