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All-Star Anjali on real employee delight

Anjali Pendlebury Green, expert in HR Transformation, speaks about how “real employee delight” can come from Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations and what this means for organizations is that they can have a more switched on, curious and agile workforce, and a stronger employer brand.

But this isn’t all, insists All-Star Anjali: “We deliver extraordinary value with Digital Learning Operations. Our clients have seen 50% efficiencies in learning operations and process optimizations… it brings a consumer interface to learners and instills a culture of curiosity and playfulness, raising people’s awareness of all the digital tools that are available to them”

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Digital Learning Operations

Many businesses face seemingly unresolvable skills shortages. Deepening misalignment between the labour market and skills’ requirements, combined with a prolonged amount of time to train employees to a satisfactory level of proficiency, means that many businesses are constantly struggling to maintain a baseline level of skills competency.

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