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Simplifying HR operations through automated desk booking


From cubicles to open plan and back again, clear desk to hot desk, and the advent of hybrid working, the office workplace has been in a constant state of change since it was invented.

… and this was all before the global pandemic.

At Capgemini, our global HR function was seeing a trend in its team members preferring to work from home. This presented them with a challenge of how best to utilize their empty desks, as costs remained the same, despite its office space being mostly empty. Once the global pandemic was declared, however, this need became critical to keep them in line with governmental guidelines across the globe.

An intuitive, frictionless HR operations booking system

Enter Capgemini’s HotDesk – a new HR operations tool that provides simple, secure, and automated desk booking, enabling individuals and teams that are going to be in the office at any given time to be monitored – significantly limiting the risk or spread of infection.

HotDesk enables users to book desks within specific office spaces and managers to book desks on behalf of their employees. It also provides managers with a view on their team’s desk utilization habits, enabling them to close off part of their office space or assign it to other teams, as required.

Based on Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint technology, Capgemini’s new HR operations tool provides transparency around when teams work from the office vs. when they work from home. This gives our people the flexibility to work from where they want to, while remaining safe at all times.

Reduced cost and enhanced HR operations

HotDesk has already delivered a range of business outcomes to our HR operations team. This includes accurate desk utilization tracking to reduce the office space our teams require, a simple interface requiring no third-party support that makes it easy and cost-efficient to maintain, and the ability to implement the tool across any team.

Of course, all of this has enabled Capgemini’s HR function to drive a permanent and significant reduction in cost, with savings made through reduced desk numbers across engagements.

Recognized for its innovative approach

And that’s not all. The value HotDesk brings to our HR operations has recently been recognized by BrandonHall, who recently awarded it a Silver Award at their prestigious Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Awards. This international recognition shows just how much HotDesk can help businesses meet their objectives and improve their performance.

HotDesk has proved so successful that our HR team is currently looking at making the tool available both internally and externally – to ensure our engagements and clients are ready for the next big market disruption, whatever that might be.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s HotDesk tool can help improve your HR operations through better desk utilization and office security capabilities, contact: or

Malgorzata Praczyńska – HR Automation Manager

Małgorzata Praczyńska is the founder and manager of Capgemini’s HRInnHUB team. She specializes in finding automated solutions for a range of HR processes, including project and people management that provide significant cost benefits to clients.

Tomasz Zającis a Junior Automation Manager in Capgemini’s HRInnHUB team, currently responsible for identifying areas for improvement, automation, and designing tailor-made solutions for multiple clients.

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