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SAP S/4HANA app migration: Lessons from the trenches

Brad Little

SAP’s ERP solution has been around for decades. Throughout the various versions of the software, however, its data modeling layer remained similar. That meant that if a business wanted to move from one version to another, it could do so with minimal impact to its legacy processes. With S/4HANA, though, a number of changes were made at the technical layer.

“S/4HANA is entirely different from the previous ECC product. It’s not only the look and feel of the product, but under the hood has changed. It’s like moving from a gasoline engine to an electric vehicle.”
-Ekrem Hatip

Brad Little, executive vice president and global head of application services at Capgemini, a provider of strategy and transformation consulting services, said he’s seen too many clients treating the move to S/4HANA as a technical upgrade.

“That’s missing the value of S/4HANA. If you treat it like an upgrade, you’re basically taking all your junk and putting it in a new wrapper.”

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