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A Closer Look at the CGS Professional Services Capability


At its core, the Professional Services Capability aims to enhance Project Management Delivery by focusing on Agile principles, solid Project Management standards, client customization, and business process optimization. To better understand the impact of their work, we spoke with Mitchell Hines, Manager in the Professional Services Capability to hear his experience of navigating clients’ challenges using Capgemini’s Professional Services offerings.

Can you share an example of how the Professional Services offerings support federal agencies in achieving their missions?

Mitchell Hines, Manager

An agency we support required an independent testing team that could provide multiple types of testing for over 40 interfacing software systems. These systems directly supported the agency’s mission to digitize and automate their manually processed paper forms. Each system was created and maintained by a different contractor and Scrum Team, each with their respective federal Product Owner(s). As paper forms were digitized, it became clear that there were communication gaps regarding certain dependencies between interfacing systems. In order to ensure that the entire end-to-end business process for a paper form was accurately, securely, and efficiently captured, Capgemini created a PMO Team that worked closely with our testing leads and federal clients to devise a solution.

Capgemini’s Professional Services offerings include our Scaled Agile approach, which our PMO Team utilized by establishing a PMO specific agile project that focused on establishing strategic initiatives of the program to help achieve the agency’s mission. This approach ensured that the communication gaps within the agency’s multi-vendor environment were effectively addressed. Additionally, our team led the documentation of the full end-to-end processes of the paper forms we were digitizing. Using our team’s intimate knowledge of each interfacing system, we created a full end-to-end process flow diagram for each new paper form, which helped to establish additional transparency with all involved stakeholders (including the C Level suite within the agency). Lastly, we worked with our testing team to establish a cadence for End-to-End Regression Testing and Live Interface Testing of all interfacing systems for each digitized form. This resulted in addressing more defects ahead of time and ensured on-time delivery of software releases.

Capgemini’s efforts in support of the agency’s mission resulted in an increase of automation, innovation, and transparency that transformed the way that the agency processes their forms and provides services to the public.

To learn more about the CGS Professional Services Capability driving innovation throughout the organization, visit the capability web page.

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