We understand that the services we provide have a direct impact on the environment, and we are committed to minimizing those effects through initiatives to increase sustainability of our energy usage, waste management, business travel, and employee awareness & training programs. Capgemini is a leader in climate change mitigation.  We have achieved a position on The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index.  Our Environment Policy Statement underscores the business imperative for this focus.

Sustainability 2020

Capgemini has established the goal to reduce our carbon emission globally by 20% per FTE by 2020. Sustainability 2020 is our capstone program to drive our progress and reach the 2020 target. NA significantly impacts the Group with respect to emissions due to the size and scope of our operations in Canada and the US. Total emissions have fallen across the Group since 2014. Sustainability 2020 focuses on 3 core elements to help us reach success.

2020 Core Elements

 Carbon Footprint Reduction

We have made major strides toward minimizing our carbon footprint and already achieved a 3% reduction per FTE in 2016. This was achieved through a combination of efforts including:

  • driving energy efficiency in our data centers
  • installing energy-efficient lights
  • adopting flexible and remote work policies
  • implementing sustainable procurement via our suppliers
  • establishing recycling centers and maximizing recycled waste
  • promoting virtual meeting tools such as Skype for business and videoconferencing

We will continue to work on minimizing our ecological footprint towards our goals to reduce carbon emissions globally by 20% per FTE by 2020.

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001Those footprint reduction programs have also lead our North America organization to the achievement of ISO 14001 certification – the international standard for environmental management systems. The 14001 standard is an internationally recognized standard of the International Organization for Standardization. It sets out specific requirements of establishing environmental objectives, developing an environmental policy, conducting management reviews and other elements of an effective EMS.



 Optimizing Sustainability Performance for Our Clients

Our clients need our help to address their own sustainability challenges – they expect us to provide not only the most efficient business solutions, but also find ways to minimize and avoid detrimental impacts to the environment, communities and society in the process.

As a provider of business transformation and consultancy services, we are well positioned to help with such a challenge. We are dedicated to developing profitable and sustainable business by working with our clients to deliver value and innovation. To meet this demand, we are investing in the development of expertise and service offers that meet these challenges. We also leverage our own sustainability experience to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint through the advice that we offer and the solutions that we design and deliver.

Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Make the Electric Power Sector More Sustainable

One of the industries where Capgemini is having the most impact on its clients’ sustainability efforts is the electric power sector. We have over 16,000 dedicated utilities consultants around the world leveraging our expertise in social, mobile, analytics and cloud, to prepare today’s utilities for tomorrow. We provide smart energy services to over 75 global utility clients representing 113 million metered customers.

The utilities are undergoing a profound transformation. Power generation is shifting from a centralized to a decentralized supply and delivery model. Utilities are working to manage demand for energy better and are required to become more environmentally sustainable, more efficient, and more responsive to their customers.

We help our clients in the power industry meet these challenges by rethinking their business operation models, embracing new technologies, and delivering industry-specific solutions such as smart grid. Capgemini is a leader in Smart Grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure. We have an unequaled track record of successful innovation and delivery in the utilities industry. Our Smart Energy Services portfolio helps utilities promote sustainability while ensuring compliance and reducing cost.

A smart grid is a greener grid. An intelligent grid helps manage the demand for electricity better and optimizes the use of the existing generation capacity. As a result it reduces the need to invest in new power plants. A smart grid also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by making it easier to connect the electricity grid to distributed and renewable energy generation and storage. Smart grids create a platform that promote the development and deployment of technologies for increasing distributed generation (DG) and energy storage capacity, such as wind and solar generation, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

Helping Clients Take Control of Their Sustainability Information with BPO Sustainability Services

Businesses are facing increasing pressure to monitor, measure and report their sustainability performance. Capgemini’s BPO Sustainability services provides an efficient outsourced back office to support all aspects of sustainability management and deliver reliable information to support management decision making. The monitoring, measuring and reporting of sustainability data is presenting a number of challenges to companies today. Data overload, problems with consolidation, and multiple emissions factors are a few of the issues that complicate the data management process.

BPO Sustainability services enables leading companies to take control of their sustainability information to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Our bundled service combines our expertise in business process outsourcing with the efficiency of CA Technologies’ EcoSoftware Suite for a single contract price. This offer supports all aspects of sustainability, including carbon accounting, water and waste management, natural resource use, energy efficiency, and corporate responsibility programs.

By outsourcing sustainability information management, you will:

  • Gain insight into your energy and resource managementto drive operational efficiency
  • Gain time and resourcesotherwise spent on routine data collection and analysis
  • Drive efficiencies by optimizing data management processes
  • Manage risk by ensuring compliance and voluntary reporting requirements are reliably implemented
  • Protect and enhance brand reputationthrough enhanced sustainability communications

BPO Sustainability Offers:

  • Workflow managementto provide an optimized and consistent data consolidation process
  • Sophisticated cloud computing platformincorporating leading sustainability protocols
  • Global online information support
  • Dedicated Team with Multidisciplinary Experience

Our approach is based on a sound understanding of your business needs. An audit and benchmark enable us to define the optimum approach tailored to your objectives.

The Capgemini BPO team handles the data management process using industry best practice standards and protocols. We use the advanced CA Technologies ecoGovernance software, a cloud computing platform that enables efficient and rigorous collection, analysis and output of sustainability data. Our dedicated data processing service centers focus on delivering the highest standard of data integrity, so you can focus on management and operations.

Protecting Water Resources, Smart Leakage Management – Turning Water Problems into Sustainability Opportunities

Dwindling supply and increasing demand is putting pressure on the water infrastructure on which we’ve relied for decades. Every single day in the US, nearly six billion gallons of treated water are lost to leaky pipes and outdated infrastructure. That’s about 15% of our nation’s daily water use!

Controlling water loss is a sustainability imperative. It will help preserve water resources, ease burdens on consumers, drive economic development, and protect human health. Another important reason to fix infrastructure leaks is that it will also reduce the amount and cost of energy needed for water production and distribution. About 75% of the cost of municipal water processing and distribution is electricity. By reducing leaks we reduce water production costs (data: CNT, Electric Power Research Institute, 2002).

Water companies have already reduced leakage, but need to do more. Capgemini is helping the industry quickly adopt effective water loss control practices by integrating and analyzing data to generate the insights needed to tackle key optimization problems. Our clients have achieved dramatic results with Capgemini’s Smart Leakage Management platform, using the IBM Watson® Data Platform.

Additional information:

  • Learn more about Capgemini’s Smart energy Services at https://www.capgemini.com/utilities/smart-energy-services
  • Learn more about Capgemini’s Smart Leakage Management at https://www.capgemini.com/resources/smart-leakage-management-through-business-driven-analytics-with-capgemini-and-ibmr

Optimizing Sustainable Performance

Capgemini is a leading provider of data management solutions, drawing on the experience and expertise gained as a market leader in business process management. Our expert teams can help your company optimize operations, reduce costs, and find more efficient ways of working. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of sustainability data management, including:

  • Environmental strategies and management systems
  • Corporate environmental reporting
  • Carbon footprinting and emission control methodologies
  • Natural resource assessment and management
  • Corporate responsibility programs
  • Supply chain management
  • Audit, compliance and corporate governance systems
  • Information and reporting technology

Capgemini Employees Have a Passion for Environmental Issues

Raising awareness of Environment Sustainability issues to our colleagues remains a priority, which is recognized by most of our colleagues.

  • This year, many Capgemini colleagues shared sustainability best practices and insights via social media in recognition of Earth Day.
  • We launched NA Environmental Awareness module, mandatory for all NA employees.
  • Launched TravelWell – a holistic solution to encourage employees to make green and smart travel choices.
  • Launched the Inergi Green team which partners with our client Hydro One on green initiatives

CARES (Community Action, Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability) Employee Resource Group

Many CARES Employee Resource Group members have a passion for issues impacting the environment. The mission of CARES is to enhance, support and advance Capgemini’s community engagement and environmental sustainability while providing resources to individual employees to pursue the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability that are important to them.