Our Values Are Rooted In Our Steadfast Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion has been a part of Capgemini’s core values since our inception. In North America, strengthening our diversity and promoting a more inclusive culture is a top business priority, as we recognize its ability to move us forward in a competitive, increasingly culturally and globally diverse market. Promoting diversity is morally correct, and it enhances our business activities. Capgemini’s inclusive culture is what ensures our teams not only thrive collaboratively, but push new boundaries with bold, creative thinking. There are many facets to our Inclusion efforts; all working to support our endeavor to make this a great place to work for all of our colleagues.

Employee Resource Groups

Capgemini NA endorses 11 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support our Inclusion efforts.  An ERG can be thought of as a network of colleagues with a common purpose. Any employee can join an ERG, or create a new ERG.

With 2,000 members in the ERG program, each ERG’s objectives are aligned with a concept referred to as the 4C’s.  Activities planned by the ERGs must connect with 1 or more of the 4C’s to ensure maximum benefit to Capgemini employees and our business.  The 4C’s are:

  • Commerce;
  • Culture;
  • Career; and
  • Community.

Each ERG has a dynamic leadership team which works to make a positive impact for its members, and Capgemini employees more broadly.  An innovative example of the Commerce connection, is the Millennial Disrupt Hackathon hosted by the Millennial Innovation Council ERG in San Francisco Office AIE.  100 of the most creative and inspiring millennial hackers from across North America converged at the Millennial Disrupt Hackathon to learn about leading edge technology, and build innovative projects to disrupt the workplace over the course of 24 hours.


EDGE Certification

Capgemini US and Canada attained EDGE Certification in 2016 and 2017, respectively. EDGE stands for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality, is the leading global assessment methodology and business certifications standard for gender equality. EDGE Certification is designed to help organizations not only create an optimal workplace for women and men, but also to benefit from it.

Capgemini’s U.S. business was awarded the EDGE Assess Certification, the first professional services firm in the U.S. with this distinction.

Capgemini Canada has been granted the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Move certification for its representation of women in leadership roles at manager and above, and the positive employee perception among men and women around fairness of pay. It is the first professional services firm in Canada to receive this designation.


Women’s Leadership Development Program

Houston Day 1 06 27 17
Houston Day 1, 06 27 2017

Capgemini’s Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP) is a six month program is designed to provide training, mentoring, career objective-setting and outside coaching for high performing / high potential women Senior Managers+ in the North America organization. Select candidates are nominated based on current performance and potential. Since WLDP’s inception in 2007, 160 colleagues have completed the program. The rate of retention for WLDP participants is currently 2 points higher than overall NA Retention.


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