Capgemini University

Capgemini University plays a key role in developing our employees’ skills and capabilities to deliver the best solutions for our clients that drive real business results. With a focus on hot topics and key employee populations, Capgemini University leverages digital-age learning principles to deliver a learner-centric end-to-end experience to inspire and develop Capgemini employees as they continuously grow in their professions

Building Toward Greater Success

The quality of the services provided by Capgemini to our clients depends on the excellence and the motivation of our teams. The Group invests in all of our employees, from the moment they are hired, and at every step of their careers. Capgemini University ensures our employees stay at the cutting edge and deliver business value on clients’ new demands around hot topics such as Digital, Insights & Data, Cloud, Mobile, Cybersecurity and Business Services.

From software engineers to engagement managers, sales professionals to senior executives, Capgemini University helps all of our employees access the learning tools and customized curriculum they need to take their career where they want it to go.

In 2017, Capgemini University’s global curriculum delivered more than 6.5 million learning hours to over 225,000 participants, which represents 97% of the Group’s headcount:

  • Role-based – 2,520,342
  • Partners – 1,862,832
  • Others – 881,593
  • Essentials – 775,098
  • Sectors & Service Lines – 390,927
  • Leadership – 95,306
  • Business Unit Weeks – 26,318
  • Industry Standards – 18,448

Global Campus Events

Additional learning opportunities include global learning and mobilization events at our Les Fontaines campus, which allows Capgemini University to align, develop and deploy content in an accelerated manner:

  • Business Priority Weeks: These events, held three times a year at Les Fontaines, integrate classroom courses and activities centered on Group priorities, thus providing an open dialogue for employees to build a common language, real team spirit and a better understanding of our capabilities.
  • Consulting Week: More than 500 consultants from around the world convene to learn and grow at this unique learning event hosted by Capgemini Consulting, in partnership with Capgemini University.
  • Community Week: 250 participants are invited to regular events to develop their skills and capabilities, and to discuss and build communities.
  • Talent Week: Held twice a year at Les Fontaines, Talent Week is an opportunity to focus on developing employees’ personal skills and capabilities, including leadership skills, as well as highlight important ‘people’ priorities such as diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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