Capability spotlight: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) is an implementation leader of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions within the Federal Government, delivering results customized to our client’s needs.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have become critical for government agencies to efficiently meet their goals and achieve their varied missions. Capgemini Government Solutions is working closely with our government clients to implement SaaS solutions that provide maximum functionality while scaling quickly to address government’s changing needs.

The key to our successful SaaS practice is our unique agility. Capgemini Government Solutions works closely with our SaaS commercial counterparts, which means we apply the same expertise and best practices used in commercial markets with our clients. Yet, due to the independence of our U.S. public-sector practice, we can adapt quickly to changes and tailor our offerings specifically to the federal market.

What we do

Salesforce remains the core of our SaaS capability. As a long-time Salesforce Global Strategic Consulting Partner, Capgemini taps into the full power and potential of the platform, offering best-in-class solutions across multiple industries. At Capgemini Government Solutions, we leverage this expertise to meet the demands of the federal market and drive innovation for our clients. Our strong relationships across the industry provide insights into which agencies are pushing the envelope, allowing us to expand our client base and continue to deliver these best practices and innovative solutions.

At the same time, we are rapidly diversifying into other technologies, such as Appian and ServiceNow, to support our federal government clients seeking to leverage new technologies and services. We continue to build on our existing government relationships and successful track record to offer new capabilities to the federal market. And through our broader global commercial practice, we offer training and certification opportunities to our employees in these areas to establish a thorough organizational understanding of the solutions that will best address our clients’ needs. As we continue to diversify our SaaS footprint, we are constantly assessing new technology and tools that could be applied to the public sector.

New challenges

As the world has shifted due to COVID-19, we are proud of our ability to adapt and rise to the challenge. While working remotely, we have prioritized nurturing the connections between our SaaS team and clients, ensuring we consistently meet the needs of our clients and improve agency outcomes. As we grow our SaaS capability into new technologies and expand to new parts of the federal government, we will continue to be guided by our commitment to our clients and their success.

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