Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 contrarian tips

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The Enterprisers Project asked cloud experts and IT leaders for their less-than-conventional wisdom on hybrid cloud and how to do it right. It’s a worthwhile question at a time when hybrid cloud adoption is growing and existing hybrid environments are maturing (and reaping the benefits of experience and lessons learned).

Capgemini’s Ryan Murphy weighed in with his own contrarian thinking and commented on  grounding your hybrid cloud strategy in business realities.

Multi-environment approaches – such as hybrid cloud and multi-cloud – should be fueled by business goals, talent, and technology, says Murphy.

“The focus needs to be on business objectives and approaches to achieve their vision,” Murphy says. Is the company looking to do acquisitions, spin off a business, start a new business unit, or save money? Answering these key questions lays the foundation for making technology decisions that are unencumbered by legacy assets. Different objectives have different business attributes, and therefore different technology attributes are needed to support them.”

Taking a business-centric approach to major technical and architectural decisions (such as hybrid cloud) can also help seed the agility that today’s IT teams increasingly need from the start – rather than just demanding teams “be more agile” after the fact to keep up with significant changes to technology strategy.

“Every business is different and has different requirements, but start with the ‘art of the possible’ – what are the desired business outcomes? This lays the foundation for the applications, infrastructure, and personnel,” Murphy says. “This also enables the business to be more integrated and connected, which is what separates those who are fast, agile, responsive, and efficient from those who aren’t.”

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